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Success in America

lap of luxury

lap of luxury in America

America represents promise. The lap of luxury in America is obtainable by all who aspire to and work for it. The American dream is one with a realistic outcome, if approached with a “can do” mindset. $1 million is nothing to call home about any longer. If getting rich and wealthy is on your ‘to-do’ list in your lifetime, discover what the people you might already consider to be productive have to say about what it means to be wealthy.


lap of luxury

Lap of luxury homes


According to a recent survey conducted by UBS, as well as information gathered from other entrepreneurs who blog about wealth, to be wealthy means:

1. No financial or time constraints on activities
2. Depends on where you live
3. Subjective and twice your current net worth
4. Depends greatly on your position and fear of financial failure
5. Lotsa dough – cash on hand is the most important factor in feeling financially secure
6. Cash holdings give investors the confidence they need to get more aggressive with other investments while not exposing themselves to financial ruin
7. Savings for long-term health care
8. Providing for children and grandchildren
9. Always looking up
10. Vast majority comes from earnings
11. 1% of income earners: Define wealth by wealth level
12. 99% of income earners: Define wealth by income & lifestyle
13. Preventing living standards from rising along with income
14. Have something money can’t buy

Lap of Luxury

Lap of luxury in America

Becoming Successful

Becoming wealthy isn’t an overnight success project. It takes smart work, a burning desire to win, and a willingness to learn continually. To get you started making the switch from employee to entrepreneur, one of the first things you need to do in open up your mind by reading books. The wealth of reading is so that you can start thinking about how the wizards of wealth think, which will put you in a better position to enjoy a future full of happiness, success, and wealth.

Lap of Luxury

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Remember: It’s best to learn a new way of thinking, before you learn a new way of doing.

Make it a great day!



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