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Shopping on The Rise

Luxury Shopping will be on the rise after this long and unwanted Pandemic. People are working from their homes and still make their money. Working on the computer all day increases the need to shop and surf the internet for extraordinary things.

Once the rules and regulations become relaxed from the Corona Virus, The need to get out and socialize is very apparent. Restaurants will open, Theatres will be operational, and parties will start-up in a big way.

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Need to Shop

The need to go Luxury Shopping will be the first on your list, right after going to your favorite hair and nail salon.

People have been saving their money, and if they were unemployed, that extra $600 per week stimulus money gave them disposal cash.

It will not happen overnight; the turn towards luxury goods will increase slowly. Then the momentum build up. The public has separated so long, and People need to show that they are ok and made it through these tough times.

Online Businesses

Online businesses capitalized, and new companies created. During
this long unwanted time off, online sales boomed. Computers, Food services, Luxury Clothing, and Accessories did very well during these tough times.

The start of luxury shopping online shopping has made it exponentially more comfortable for us to shop. With hundreds of retailers just a click away, shopping online became easy. Leaving the comfort of your house is no longer a necessity to have access to luxury brands.

Fendi, Supreme, Gucci, Tom Ford, and Prada, as well as streetwear staples like Junya Watanabe, Off-White, and AMIRI feared well during this crisis.

However, with the great variety of choice available to us, also comes a significant variation in quality. To prevent you from sifting through endless Google shopping results or resorting to the same tried and tested sites, we’ve put together the 19 top luxury shopping sites for designer goods, streetwear, one-off collaborations, and ready-to-wear looks.

Luxury customers do not mind shelling out for full-price items if it offers long-term value or perceived as an investment piece. They’re also driven less by sales, discounts, and practicality and more by emotions, promotional incentives, and a flight to investment pieces, from Hermes accessories and Bulgari jewelry to everyday wardrobe staples like jeans.

Shopping Report

According to the report, 72% of customers are willing to pay more for high quality wardrobe. Items as women opt for “a quality piece that will endure.” Shoppers are paying special attention to staple items like quality boots, winter coats and denim.

Nearly 40% say shelling out extra for such items pay off in the long term when considering cost-per-wear ratio. Additionally, 13% plan to eventually resell the item while 12% hope to pass it to their offspring one day. (Forbes Magazine 4/30/2020).

U.S. retail sales jumped by a record 17.7% from April to May, with spending partially rebounding after the coronavirus had shut down businesses, flattened the economy and paralyzed consumers during the previous two months.
The Commerce Department’s report Tuesday showed that retail sales have retraced some of the record-setting month-to-month plunges of March (8.3%) and April (14.7%) as businesses have increasingly reopened. Still, the pandemic’s damage to retail sales remains severe, with purchases still down 6.1% from a year ago.

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