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Chinchilla Rug

We at Marc Kaufman Furs of NY just received an order for the most expensive chinchilla rug ever made. This fantastic chinchilla floor rug will be 25 feet wide and 20 feet long. A billionaire from Dubai spent over 1.5 million for this magnificent fur floor covering. Our chinchilla fur skins carefully selected to be the most excellent quality money can buy.

chinchilla skins

Marc Kaufman Furs has the complete selection of the most beautiful fashion chinchilla jackets, vests, stoles, and chinchilla furs.

Our Chinchilla jackets and coats designed in any size or color. If you prefer a sleeve from one chinchilla jacket, a collar, another chinchilla jacket (shawl, wing, notch, etc.), the length of a chinchilla jacket or chinchilla coat, we can create the chinchilla fur to meet your specifications.

Chinchilla Fur Bolero Jacket

Chinchilla Fur Bolero Jacket

Marc Kaufman Furs hand selects the chinchilla pelts for manufacturing. The chinchilla skins are carefully tanned for the hides to stay lightweight and durable.

chinchilla jackets

chinchilla fur jacket

Chinchilla skins are the most fragile pelts in the world. Ripping and tearing will occur if the furs are tanned improperly.

We need 4-6 weeks to customize.

Since we are the manufacturer, changes or adjustments are effortless

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