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As we have already discussed, animal skin and fur usage have been a highly contentious topic during the last two decades. Many leather and fur lovers are perplexed as a result of this. Many people, for example, are unsure if it is ethical to acquire these things. There are five reasons why we must wear leather and fur. Although there are numerous concerns about the usage of leather and fur, we guarantee you that they are unfounded. The majority of the claims leveled by these protesters are false. Let’s take a fresh look at things from a positive angle. So, here are five convincing reasons to wear leather and fur!

Women’s Black Shearling with a Detachable Hood

Alt image text: A woman is dressed in a full-length black shearling coat with a hood and a face mask.

1.    There Are No Biodegradable Alternatives!

Fur and leather are derived from animals. We bet you’ll never come across a substance this biodegradable. In contrast to leather and fur, other materials, such as faux fur, made of plastic, take an eternity to degrade. As a result, wearing leather and fur is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, many countries have special restrictions regarding animals and the usage of their skin for clothing. As a result, it is legal because no country in the world prohibits residents from purchasing and selling leather and fur. In short, wearing fur and leather helps to protect the ecosystem and natural habitat.

Woman Wearing a Sky-Blue Fox Jacket

Alt image text: A woman wears a Sky-Blue Fur Jacket over a skirt for a stylish look

2.    There Are No Secure Alternatives

Many studies have shown that synthetics are hazardous to human health. Many studies, for example, have concluded that synthetics cause biological harm and disorders such as cancer, infertility, and respiratory difficulties. Unlike dangerous synthetic materials, natural leather does not cause such ailments and helps save the animals’ lives. Furthermore, why would you wear something that you know will do you bodily harm? Why would you waste money on imitations when you can obtain the real thing? Look at how lovely this Mink coat is! You can finally look the most beautiful you’ve ever looked without fear of causing harm to your health!

Woman Wearing a black Glama Mink Swing

Alt image text: A woman wears a chic black Glama Mink Jacket.

3.    Leather And Fur Are Timeless Fashion Items!

Leather jackets and fur coats are two of the most classic pieces of clothing. They have been in the fashion industry for quite some time. People crave luxury, which is precisely what leather and fur provide. Since the dawn of time, these fabrics have been worn and will not go out of style anytime soon. Have you ever felt like you don’t have anything trendy in your wardrobe? If you have one of these two materials, you will never feel out of step with the times. Look at how fashionable this leather coat is; you’ll never be out of style in it! To summarize, no matter the current fashion trend, a leather and fur coat will never make you look out of place.

Leather and Fur

Leather and Fur

Woman Wearing an Italian Designed Fox Fur Collar

Alt image text: A woman is dressed in a lovely leather coat with a fox fur collar.

4.    They Are Unrivalled in Terms of Warmth and Comfort!

Fur and leather are made from genuine animal skin. As a result, they are the finest at giving warmth and comfort. The cold winter air makes us all want to curl up in something warm, no matter where we are. As a result, the ideal option for you is a warm leather jacket or a fur coat.

Furthermore, if you’re familiar with fur and leather, you’ll know which is the warmest and most comfy. Real fur is extraordinarily silky and smooth, and a warm fur coat puts you at peace wherever you go. So, take a look at this stunning sable coat. Along with a lovely coat, you get the idea of comfort and warmth.

Leather and Fur

Leather and Fur

Woman Wearing a Classic Wing Collar

Image alt text: A woman is dressed elegantly in a full-length Russian sable coat with a wing collar.

5.    Leather And Fur’s Versatility

This is the most appealing aspect of wearing leather and fur. They unquestionably complement whatever clothing you are wearing. In addition, they are quite adaptable and can be worn to any event you have planned. We have several examples right here for you. This item that we displayed is the most fashionable item you could purchase right now. Teddy Bear coats are the most popular fashion trend for 2021, and this Shearling jacket will certainly complement any outfit you pick – sporty, sophisticated, or a night out at the club.

Leather and Fur

Women’s White Shearling Jacket with a Knit Trim

Image alt text: A woman dresses casually with a white shearling teddy jacket, trousers, and sneakers.


We hope the five reasons we provided for why you should wear leather and fur have persuaded you to do so. To summarize, leather and fur are options that are constantly available. Their advantages are unrivaled. Indeed, no other material can provide you with such warmth and comfort while keeping your health in check. So why settle for an imitation when the actual thing is so much better?

Since 1870, Marc Kaufman Furs has been designing high-quality fur and leather goods. We place a premium on how you feel and want you to look your best. So, feel your best while seeming your best. Visit our website right now to browse our vast range of leather and fur jackets and coats in various materials such as Sable, Mink, Fox, and many more! You will not ever regret getting your hands on a classic real fur coat!