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Skip the Roses and Gift Fur on your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are special events for couples. They celebrate it for how long they have been together every year. The tradition of wedding anniversaries involves giving gifts to each other, and the wife and husband make sure to pick something special for one another. In particular, husbands famously choose roses as gifts and something that their wives love for them on this special day. However, we have a more exciting gift in mind – fur! Skip the roses and gift fur on your wedding anniversary.

Fur is associated with warmth and comfort, both things that should be present in a relationship. Not only is it stylish and the epitome of luxury, fur lasts for a long time, which can symbolize the love between the couple. At Marc Kaufman Furs, we have a wide range of fur that you can choose from for your loved one. Following are a few excellent fur ideas for a wedding anniversary gift!

  • Full-length Russian Sable Coat

Sable is one of the most expensive types of fur out there. In addition to its luxurious appeal and warmth, and comfort, it is a real investment that can make your loved one feel extra special. What is better than making sure your significant other feels and looks their best? Indeed, a sable fur coat is one of the best gifts you can get your significant other.

A full-length Russian sable fur coat is one of the most luxurious and glamorous items. Furthermore, what makes this coat extra special is how smooth it is, no matter what direction you stroke it in. As far as looking the most beautiful in the room goes, your loved one will definitely be the center of attraction. For example, in this picture, the Russian sable coat definitely has what it takes to make one look like the most magnificent and alluring amongst other people.

Full Length Russian Sable Fur Coat

Full-Length Russian Sable Fur Coat

Image alt text: A woman wears a full-length Russian sable fur coat to get a luxurious look

  • Cocoa Dyed Chinchilla Jacket

Chinchilla is the softest amongst the various kinds of fur available. It usually comes in primarily black and white colors. In addition to the immense smoothness of its fur, its luxurious and sleek look makes it a highly desirable fur jacket. For instance, gifting the gorgeous cocoa dyed jacket, which is shown in the photo below, makes for a magnificent wedding anniversary gift.

Although this fur comes in mainly two colors, you can dye the fur to a color of your loved one’s preference. Indeed, the aura of sophistication and glamor is undeniable with this fur jacket. Skip the roses and gift fur on your wedding anniversary. Furthermore, this particular fur has been extremely popular among celebrities. So, if you want to make your significant other feel extra special, this cocoa dyed chinchilla jacket is the perfect timeless piece of garment to gift them.

Cocoa Dyed Chinchilla Jacket

Cocoa Dyed Chinchilla Jacket

Image alt text: A woman wears the stylish cocoa dyed chinchilla jacket

  • Golden Island Fox Coat

Fox fur is one of the most affordable from the collection of furs. However, it is still considered to be amongst the classic furs and elevates the look of any outfit you are wearing. Skip the roses and gift fur on your wedding anniversary. Indeed, the charming and dazzling look of this fur can make your loved one look stunning on any day. Furthermore, fox fur is known for its extravagance and warmth, which is why we saw the famous singer/songwriter and actress Jennifer Lopez donning this gorgeous Golden Island Fox Coat in her movie Hustler. So, do you want to make your wife feel like a Hollywood star on your wedding anniversary? This fox coat is indeed the perfect gift for her.

Jenifer Lopez wearing a Golden Island Fox Coat in her movie, Hustler

Jenifer Lopez wearing a Golden Island Fox Coat in her movie, Hustler

Image alt text: Jennifer Lopez wears this stunning fox fur coat in the movie Hustler

  • Fur Headbands and Hats

Humans have used fur headbands and hats since forever. Along with keeping your head warm in winters, these headbands and hats make you look chic. These headbands and fur hats can certainly make your loved one look like the trendiest person in the room.

For example, the black fox fur hat is the epitome of class and chic with a mix of sophistication. Your loved one can wear this hat out on an anniversary dinner with you and will indeed look glamorous.

Black Fox Fur Hat

Black Fox Fur Hat

Image alt text: A woman wears a black fox fur hat over a turtle neck

  • Colorful Fur

Wedding anniversaries are happy, exciting, and full of colors. Therefore, gift your loved one a beautiful colorful fur coat or jacket. Not only do colorful furs have the power to make a person look chic and up to date with all the fashion, but they can make them feel lively and ecstatic too.

There are many different types of colorful fur coats and jackets you can get your hands on. Moreover, if you wish to get a particular type of fur, it can be dyed to your preference too. Indeed, we believe colorful jackets and coats make for the most memorable wedding anniversary gifts. For instance, the multicolored fox poncho in the picture is the symbol of glamor and fun, with a touch of class to it.

Multi Colored Fox Poncho

Multicolored Fox Poncho

Image alt text: A woman dons multicolored fox poncho over a short skirt

  • Fur Bags

Bags are an excellent choice for a gift for wedding anniversaries. Not only are they an essential piece of every outfit, but they are desired by women worldwide. Fur bags, for example, the baby pink fox fur bag in the picture, is a beautiful way of showing appreciation for your loved one. Indeed, we cannot deny the sophistication and beauty of this fur bag.

Baby Pink Fox Fur Bag

Baby Pink Fox Fur Bag

Image alt text: An immensely sophisticated yet classy bag made of fox fur

To Sum It Up

Wedding anniversaries are happy and memorable. What is the better way to show your love and appreciation for your loved one than these beautiful fur pieces? Apart from being a lovely gift, fur is also an excellent investment. Because it is highly durable and provides immense comfort, it can stay with your loved one for a long time.

Marc Kaufman Furs has a wide variety of fur items you can choose from – fur coats, jackets, ponchos, strollers, bags, headbands, and hats. We believe in making you feel good in whatever you’re wearing and think fur is the best material to do so. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now, and get a beautiful wedding anniversary gift for your significant other!