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Big Boi Rocks Fur Coat 

                       Fur Flies During Superbowl 53 Halftime

Big Boi Fur Coat

Big Boi Fur Coat

Superbowl Fur Coats 53 was punctuated by a feverish halftime performance from Big Boi. The other half of the duo comprising the hip hop group Outkast(along with Andre 3000) rocked the Superbowl crowd while adorning a glorious full length fur coat. The audience response was raucous. Superbowl 53 was broadcast across the world. Big Boi is the latest celebrity to highlight a fur coat as a desired and functional part of an overall wardrobe.


Big Boi Superbowl 53 Performance

Big Boi Superbowl 53 Performance

The fur coat presence was not completely lauded by all. But despite the small backlash to the presence of the fur coat on prime time television, the overall performance hailed as a success. The lure and awe of the fur coat continues to beguile the masses who look upon its splendor. Celebrities understand the sheer power and superior stage craft a fur coat brings to any film or stage presence or red carpet. The Superbowl 53 halftime performance is called the largest stage upon which to perform. It occurs once a year and just about all of the celebrity body look upon it as the ultimate stage for global exposure. In this regard, the fur coat just received a massive reboot to an already thriving fur resurgence.

Big Boi SuperBowl 53 Performance

Big Boi SuperBowl fur coats 53 Performance

Fur coats have always been the stuff of high glamour and fashion. For centuries, fur coats transformed from simple coverings to expensive fashion statements. There are few remaining furriers that are capable of producing these practical, fashionable gems. Marc kaufman Furs is a multi-generational family furrier group. They have been in existence for nearly 150 years spanning three centuries.

Marc Kaufman Furs

Joe Namath Marc Kaufman Furs

Joe Namath Marc Kaufman Furs



The 2019 Superbowl fur coats 53 halftime show a stellar event enhanced by Big Boi’s performance and his fashion statement full length fur coat. The furrier that has serviced a slew of celebrities and renowned for doing so is Marc Kaufman Furs. Let Marc Kaufman Furs assist you with any and all of your fur needs. Their flagship store,located in midtown NYC, is at 212 west 30th street close to the world famous venue Madison Square Garden. Feel free to peruse their online global sales store as well. You will be glad you did.


By the way, It was Marc Kaufman Furs that outfitted Joe Namath in his coyote fur jacket for the coin toss in Superbowl 48 in 2014. Marc Kaufman Furs sets the trend that others follow….just ask Big Boi.