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Winter is around the corner and naturally, people use fur to protect themselves to survive the harshest winter season recorded in many years. Tips on proper fur care, fur coats and accessories are expensive to replace. The fur is damaged over time but proper care and storage can help prevent the damage.

Tips on Proper Fur Care

Are you worried about the proper care and storage of your expensive Fur Coats? No problem, we have got you covered. The most important part of fur care is its proper storage and conditioning.

Now that Marc Kaufman Fur is keeping you warm and stylish, here are a few tips to help you preserve the quality of your fur:

Everyday Care Tips

Following are everyday care tips to keep your fur coat fresh and classy:


Place Your Fur in a Dark Place

If fur is in direct contact with sunlight, it can be damaged easily. Always place your fur in a dark place. For instance, a closet is a great place to hang your fur. It is especially important to place your fur in cold places during the summer months.

Choose Somewhere Cool

Fur does best at cold temperatures. Place your fur in a place that tends to be cooler. For instance, your closet.

Select the Right Hanger

Always choose the broad-shouldered and sturdy padded hanger to keep the shoulders from losing their shape. The wrong kind of hanger can damage your coat, so select a hanger to support the full weight of your fur coat.

Store Your Coat in a Cotton Bag

Avoid using a plastic bag that doesn’t breathe because it will dry out your coat. Place it in a cotton bag to ensure its quality as the cotton bag is easily washable.

Get Rid of Excess Moisture

If you get caught in the rain or snow, hang your coat in a well-ventilated room to dry it out. Do not use a comb or brush as it will ruin the texture of the coat.

What to Avoid to Preserve the Freshness of Fur Coat?

Along with all the must haves to care for your precious fur, you need to know a few things to avoid stiffness and maintain freshness of your coat.

Avoid Using Sprays

When wearing your coat, avoiding using hairsprays and perfumes as it will stain it. The formulas of most brands contain alcohol, which may ultimately make the fur rancid.

Prevent Matting

Do not leave jewelry pinned to your coat for a longer time, as it can mat the fur.

Avoid Staining

In order to avoid stains on your fur, try to wear a scarf under your coat. It will prevent make-up and body soil from soiling your coat.

Furs Do Not Like Friction

Do not wear a shoulder bag consistently or slide across a seat because it can wear away the fur and leave a bald spot.

Avoid Crushing the Fur

If you will be sitting for a longer period of time, take your coat off. If you cannot take it off, then try to change the sitting positions so that the fur will not be crushed.

These tips can help you out in cleaning your fur at home without a professional help. As a matter of fact, wearing a fur coat will transform you style and give you a classy look to stand out in the crowd.

Professional Fur Care

Fur coats should be cleaned every year by a professional fur cleaner, not a dry cleaner. Even if you don’t wear it often, it gets dust, oils and odors. A professional furrier will provide top of the line services to preserve your fur’s shine and elegance.

Following steps are necessary to take good care of fur.

  • Examine fur for necessary repairs and sew the loose linings
  • Replace the worn fastenings
  • Do the conditioning part to remove all the dust and other destructive material
  • After conditioning, glaze the fur to restore its sheen and smoothness
  • After all these processes, provide the steam to your fur
Modelling fur cleaning at a furrier’s shop

Modelling fur cleaning at a furrier’s shop

This whole process will not shrink, discolor, or change the shape of your valuable fur coat.

What About Professional Storage?

Furs that are properly stored during hot weather can last up to fifty years or more. Here are a few tips to store your expensive fur coat professionally:

Tips on Proper Fur Care

Fur Hates the Heat

It is not the hair that is affected by heat, but the leather inside that can become stiff and cracks because of the heat.

Storing Temperature

The optimum storage temperature for fur is 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and as a result, moths and other insects cannot survive at that temperature.

Benefits of Professional Fur Storage

If you own expensive fur coats, you should go for professional fur storage for many reasons. Few of them are here:

Storage Facility

A professional furrier provides storage facility with 40-50% humidity level, which is an ideal condition for storing the fur.


Another benefit of storing the fur with a professional is, he will thoroughly inspect your fur for small tears, missing buttons and other damages at the end of the season.

Proper Equipment

Professional cleaning restores the natural beauty of furs. A furrier is properly equipped to clean the dirt and natural oils, especially around the neckline.

What are the Prices?

There are many ways to Style your Fur Coat according to your personality and budget. Just like you would maintain your house or service your car, caring for your fur would assure your investment for many years. The cost factor depends on the type of garment. For instance, a fur coat valued at $500 may cost as little as $30-$40. On the other hand, a fur coat valued at $4,500 may cost $86-$90 for storage. In short, it totally depends on the type of fur.

Can you Store Fur at Home?

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to duplicate the professional atmosphere of a fur-storage vault, but here are a few tips that can help protect your fur in a home environment:

Avoid Humid Places

Avoid storing fur at a place where it can be too damp. It will ultimately ruin the texture of fur.

Do Not Store in A Cedar Closet

If you do not use professional fur storage, do not store your fur in a cedar closet or chest because the oils can harm the fur.

Final Thoughts

People prefer to wear fur in the winter season to give themselves the chicest and classiest look. It can make them shine wherever they go. Production of fur has evolved over time. Due to the increase in demands, today’s fur fashion reflects the tremendous variety in design and spirit.

Fur is an organic material that will not last forever but there are ways to care for your fur. With proper storage and conditioning, you can increase its life span. There is nothing worse than realizing that an expensive fur coat is torn or damaged. The appearance of a tear on a coat can be so frustrating.

This guide was to explain the tips about the care and storage of fur coats. People who once labeled fur as a taboo now use it religiously, mostly because of its unbeatable warmth and elegance.

Interested in Fur Cleaning and Storing?

Since 1870 the Marc Kaufman has been manufacturing fur coats. We have a wide collection from simple designs to the chicest ones. We maintain the highest quality craftsmanship for the very best fur repairs. If you are looking for a professional fur retailer, The Marc Kaufman professional repair staff can restore your fur as close to pristine condition as possible.

Get in touch with our professional fur repair team to preserve the beauty of your precious fur coats.