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Fur New York City

26 Jan 2015, Manhattan, New York City, New York State, USA — Snow covered Central Park pond during winter with the midtown Manhattan skyline in the backdrop at dusk, New York City. — Image by © Marcaux/Ocean/Corbis

Fur New York City, sales have begun.

Fur Coats

 January 2019,  Fur New York City, has arrived with little fanfare on the weather front. After sustaining spring-like temperatures for the balance of fall and the start of winter, the big chill has arrived in New York City! Marc Kaufman Furs is ready with a fresh inventory of assorted furs to keep the fur lover warm and cozy for the winter.Kaufmanfurs.com online is also up and running with exciting fur fashions for the discerning fur lover. Facebook.com/marckaufmanfurs will keep you posted on new and upcoming changes in our inventory and sales programs. Instagram.com/marc_kaufman_furs_nyc is our social media site featuring exciting excerpts from our photo and video shoots performed regularly.


Amazing Red Fox Fur Stroller Cross Cut Hood marc Kaufman furs NYC Fur Store

Amazing Red Fox Fur Stroller Cross Cut Hood marc Kaufman furs NYC Fur Store

Best Furs

 Marc Kaufman Furs has it in varied styles and colors of Fox jackets, lynx coats, minks strollers, sable jackets. We service men women and limited styles for children. 

The Kaufman’s furs have a complete array of fur fashion offerings as well. Fur accessories such as fur hats, fur scarves, and fur earmuffs are also in stock to keep our fur lovers warm from head to toe.

 2019 promises to be an exciting one for our fur lovers. Marc Kaufman furs has several unique designer fur coats in a limited edition this year for men. These fur coats are amazing tapestry creations that look outstanding. Images of some of these coats will be available to preview on Kaufmanfurs.com, Facebook.com/marckaufmanfurs, and Instagram.com/marc_kaufman_furs_nyc. 

Marc Kaufman Furs of NY, A name you can trust since 1870. Manufacturing the finest mink, sable, chinchilla, fox fur coats and jackets.

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