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Finding the Perfect Fur Coat

Searching for the perfect fur coat is not as complicated as people think. This article simplifies your choice of the ideal fur garment for you to choose.

Before we can even start this conversation, your lifestyle is so important. Will the fur be worn casual, for dress wear or just warmth.

This question is the first process in determining the perfect fur garment for your particular lifestyle. Should I purchase a designer fur coat, and what is the difference?

Zuki Oyster Sheared Beaver Floral Jacket

Purchasing a designer fur assures quality and quality. The Zuki sheared beaver jacket above is the most exquisite sheared beaver along with detailed craftsmanship.

Chinchilla Furs

This fantastic jacket is a work of art, not just a fur coat. If you are looking for a fur that stands out, the Zuki Fur Collection is one of the finest.

If looking fabulous and unique in a fur coat is your goal, Chinchilla is a great choice. There is no other fur that feels like Chinchilla.

Chinchilla Fur Bolero Jacket

Chinchilla Fur Bolero Jacket

Chinchilla fur is fashioned in many styles and looks elegant for any special occasion. The downside of owning a chinchilla fur coat is its delicacy. It would help if you were very gentle, wearing this amazingly soft fur.

Fox Fur

Pink Fox Coat

Pink Fox Coat


This pretty pink fox coat is a fun fur to wear. The fox fur comes in an infinite amount of colors.

You can choose any color you want in the fox fur. This fur vest is the perfect item to wear shopping, very lightweight, and hot.

Lynx Belly Stroller

If you can afford a real expensive fur, go for it, the ultimate of sporty luxury. This lynx stroller comes with a hefty price tag of USD 95,000. This fur coat speaks for itself, lightweight, soft and eye appealing, a fantastic fur.

Mink Furs

Blue iris mink fur coat

Where to buy a blue iris mink fur coat

Mink Furs come in a variety colors and styles. There are so many choices, that’s what makes it so difficult.

Shearling Furs

White Shearling Teddy Bear Jacket

White Shearling Teddy Bear Jacket

Shearling furs are extremely warm, light weight and very fashionable.

Don’t forget, once you purchase a fur  you must maintain them by cleaning and putting them in cold fur storage.