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Since the 20th century, the demand for American mink fur has increased sharply. American mink belongs to Neovison vison, a fur-bearing family of carnivorous mammals in the mustelids family. In the past, it was only found in North America. However, with the popularity of its mink fur quality, it is now bred on the farms in China and Europe. So, what makes the American fur high in demand?

Woman wearing Plus Size Mahogany Mink Fur Stroller

Woman wearing Plus Size Mahogany Mink Fur Stroller

 Mink Fur Is Plushy and Soft

If you want the softest fur, American mink fur is perhaps the right fit for you. The softness of a fur depends on the hair density. Mink fur consists of 24,000 hairs for each cm². Meanwhile, human hair has 190 hairs for each cm². There are very few furs that can match the hair density of American mink fur. As a result, American mink fur is widely regarded as one of the plushiest and densest fur.

Mink Fur Has Short Guard Hairs

The color and radiance of a fur are represented by the guard hairs. Recent trends have made the length of the fur relevant. Traditionally, long furs were trendy. However, today short Kaufman furs such as American mink fur have become fashionable. Regardless of how inconsistent the fashion world is, the evergreen demand for fur ensures that a short American mink fur is going to help you make a fashion statement for a long time period.

Around a century ago, long muskrat, skunk, and fox fur coats were quite popular. At that time, short furs were not exactly obscure; in the form of ermine and sable, they had their own audience. However, the availability of these furs was limited due to the issues related to manufacturing and logistics. Meanwhile, mink farms struggled with production hurdles. This did not only restrict the quantity of American mink fur but also inflicted a negative footprint to its quality.

The paradigm shift came with the end of WWII. At that time, there was a sudden interest in American mink fur which soon dethroned fox fur as the favorite fur for ladies. Fur experts believe that the consequences of WWII had quite a strong impact on the demand of the American mink fur.

Millions of men left their homes, the onus fell on the women of the home to take the responsibility of children and the elderly. As a result, they were employed in a wide range of industries and became independent. A renewed sense of confidence grew among women and they felt the American fur “empowering”. Thus, American mink fur became a symbol of women empowerment and consequently, its sales increased rapidly.

Woman wearing Full Length Ranch Mink Coat

Woman wearing Full Length Ranch Mink Coat Chinchilla Tuxedo and Cuffs

Mink Fur Offers Durability

Usually, people don’t take the durability of a fur seriously. As a result, while going out in harsher climates, they may lament on their choice when it begins to shed hair, failing to keep them warm. Often, high durability comes at the expense of beauty. For instance, have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio in the Revenant? The actor’s fur offered excellent durability for Alaska’s snowy weather; however, it was not exactly the most beautiful fur. Additionally, it weighed more than 100 lbs.

Among fur, otter fur has been ranked as the most durable fur at 100. Beaver fur scores 90 while mink scores at 70. A quick glance at the list makes it clear that among all the pretty furs, American mink fur tops the chart. Compared to the other in-demand must have furs like stone marten, sable, and European pine marten, American mink is higher in the rank chart.

Meanwhile, fox fur scores 40, and rabbit fur: only 5!  Hence, American mink fur is not only soft; it also offers a surprisingly high degree of durability.

Mink Fur Is Sufficiently Warmer

If you are planning to go to a scientific expedition in an Arctic region, mink fur is not going to help you much. Perhaps, caribou is the best option for you, due to the warmth from its air-filled hairs. However, caribou is not the best option for less harsh climates as it sheds quickly while its bulky material also makes it unsuitable.

On the contrary, American mink fur does not shed that crazily nor it is too bulky. Therefore, if you are going to spend the winter season in NY or any other part of North America, American mink fur can tick all the boxes.

Sheared Mink Fur Is Better than the Rest


Woman wearing Blue Mink Stroller Sheared Mink Trim Hood

Blue Mink Stroller Sheared Mink Trim Hood

 When fur is sheared, it decreases the hair length to create a lighter and shorter material—similar to a textile. Furs have been sheared since forever but lately, they are enjoying a new wave of fame. Among sheared fur, American mink fur is considered by many as the best option.

According to experts, the plushness of mink fur is irreplaceable when compared to other popular sheared fur like the North American beaver. Due to its status as a semi-aquatic animal, beaver has a dense and thick underfur. Furriers shear it and shorten it up to 15 mm. The best furriers can reduce it to 6 mm. Beaver fur consists of coarse guard hairs. It is necessary to pluck these long hairs or else a wearer might find it like a scrubbing brush. This “plucking” is hard to get because of expensive labor.

Just before the 21st century, fur manufacturers realized that instead of beaver, they could earn more profits from sheared minks. This is because of the guard hairs of American mink furs that are smooth, eliminating any need for plucking it. As a result, mink fur saved costs. Additionally, wearers find mink fur as noticeably lighter than their sheared beaver fur counterparts. Lastly, since mink manufacturing was at its peak, therefore, it easily allowed for large-scale production of American mink fur.

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

Now, that you are aware of the reasons behind the demand of American mink fur, you must be thinking that “where can I find American mink fur”. As such, you should contact Marc Kaufman and look into the variety of their American mink furs.