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Celebrity Fur Coats

Fur coats, as we have established before, are timeless. They exude luxury and high-fashion. Indeed, fur coats are a status of wealth and glamour, as we see many celebrities wearing them. Specifically, we see many Hollywood stars, musicians, socialites, and other artists donning these extravagant coats to many events such as movie premiers, attending a sports game or award shows.

We have all imagined what we would look like in such glamorous pieces of clothing. There is just an aura around real celebrity fur coat that makes you feel like the most powerful person in the room. The best part about them? They go well with anything you are wearing! In this blog, we’ll be telling you about some of our favorite celebrity fur coat looks and how you can copy them!

  • Jennifer Lopez 

JLo Golden Island Fox Coat Hustler Movie

Arguably one of the most famous Jennifers out there, JLo has been wearing fur coats for a long while now. In spite of being 49 years of age, the diva can still manage to rock a full-length fox fur coat. Spotted on the set of her movie Hustlers, she looks divine in this Marc Kaufman original.

The fur coat has been perfectly paired with a little black dress and black boots. The whole attire is perfect for a night out with the girls or a date night. The super-hit actress and singer makes us want to own this elegant fox fur coat!

  • French Montana

French Montana in a Mink Stroller Chinchilla Fur Collar Coat

The famous Moroccan-American rapper, has been photographed a lot by paparazzi wearing high-end fashion clothes. He has a knack for the luxurious life, which we can see in this photo. The rapper is wearing a Mink fur coat with a Chinchilla fur collar and looks as handsome as ever.

He has paired it with his signature look – a lot of gold chains. This coat is perfect nights out with your pals or at a grand event. We are sure you could pair it with any of your outfits and look as good as French Montana.

  • Jason Derulo 

Jason Derulo Silver Fox Fur Coat

Sing with us… Jason Derulo! The famous American singer who has been our only entertainment source on TikTok this year was spotted wearing a Marc Kaufman Fox fur coat. The singer looks terrific as he pairs the coat with an all-black outfit and some heavy silver rings.

A fur coat like this would be perfect for a movie premiere or a music video shoot. Nonetheless, fret not as us regular people can wear it too and look equally as good as Jason Derulo. For example, pair the coat with a monotone outfit such as black pants and a black shirt, and you’re ready for a party. Don’t be shy, take out your party dresses, and get ready for the Christmas Party you are hosting. This fur coat goes well with whatever you decide to wear!

  • Gucci Mane 

Gucci Mane in a Throwback Multi Color Mink Coat

American rapper Gucci Mane is a household name. Everybody knows him as the pioneer of the hip hop subgenre of trap music. Seen in the photo wearing a Marc Kaufman Mink Coat, one cannot deny the power radiating off of him. The fur coat is multi-colored, so he has paired it with white pants and white boots. To top it off, his sunglasses finish the look with perfection.

Mane is one of the most influential rappers on the music scene at the moment, and so is his fashion. Pair this Mink coat with an all-white or all-brown outfit, and we guarantee, you will feel like you own the room you walk into!

  • Elizabeth Hurley 

Elizabeth Hurley in a Blackgama Mink Coat

First, when we think of Elizabeth Hurley, THAT dress comes to our minds. Anyone who is even a little bit interested in fashion knows the famous English actress. Pictured in a Blackgama Mink coat by Marc Kaufman Furs, the actress looks gorgeous.

Pair the fur coat with a fitted pantsuit, or a sleek skirt and top, and you have got yourselves a little closer to looking like the dazzling actress.

  • Cindy Crawford

One of the first supermodels who completely revolutionized the concept of fashion in the ’90s, Cindy Crawford is known by all. Earlier, in the 90’s the model signed a petition vowing not to wear fur, but even she couldn’t stay away. Pictured here in a Blackgama Mink fur coat, she looks as gorgeous as ever.

Oh, what we would do to look like the biggest supermodel in the world. You can now own what she’s wearing in the picture at Marc Kaufman Furs. Look like a supermodel yourself by pairing this with the best outfit in your closet.

  1. Megan Thee Stallion 

Megan Thee Stallion on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in a Red Fox Coat

She’s a savage. Classic, bougee, ratchet – it’s almost as if she was describing herself. Indeed, Megan Thee Stallion was probably one of the most influential people of 2020. Posing on the cover of the magazine Rolling Stones, she is wearing an amazing Red Fox Coat. Therefore, the Savage singer has proved that along with her rap flow; she has immaculate taste in fashion.

Furthermore, the red color of this fur coat is striking and can quickly grab anyone’s attention. Pair it with a lovely cream-colored outfit, and you will look stunning, just like the singer in the photo.

  • Flipp Dinero 

Flipp Dinero wearing a Blue Rex Rabbit Fur Stroller with a Fox Fur Collar

The American rapper and singer, Flipp Dinero, is known best for his song “Leave Me Alone”. Above, he is pictured above wearing the amazing Blue Rex Rabbit fur stroller which has a Fox fur collar. Even the broad smile on his face says it all. In fact, we bet you would look as happy as the rapper/singer if you owned this striking blue fur coat.

Finally, take inspiration from Flipp and wear it with a blue outfit. After all, Marc Kaufman believes we all deserve to have some fun with the way we dress, don’t we?

  • P Diddy 

P Diddy in a Whiskey Mink Coat at the Super Bowl 2018

Sean Combs, known by everyone as P Diddy, is one of the most prominent rappers/singers in the music industry. Also, just like taking the 90’s rap scene by complete storm, he is highly influential in music and fashion. For example, the famous musician wore a Whiskey colored Mink fur coat at the 2018 Super Bowl and exuded the aura of glamour.

Get the luxurious and glamourous aura radiating off of P Diddy at Marc Kaufman Furs. Furthermore, we can guarantee the fur coat will go along with any outfit of your choice, and make you stand out the most in the room. Also, it’s perfect for late-night dinners or formal events.

  • Monica 

R&B singer Monica in a Pink and White Fox Coat

Monica is probably one of the most influential R&B women singers that took the world by storm in the ’90s. Furthermore, girls worldwide were influenced by her sense of fashion, and that has not stopped today either. Specifically, in the picture she is wearing a gorgeous Pink and White Fox fur coat, and looks stunning in it.

Additionally, the baby pink color of the fur coat goes amazingly with her pink-colored hair. Thus, if you still want to look like Monica like you did in the ’90s, then you can find your coat at Marc Kaufman furs. Indeed, this look is bold, but getting out of your comfort zone never hurts. Be bold and look like your idol from the ’90s.

Wrapping it up…

In conclusion, despite the backlash these celebrities get from their fans, they love to wear fur coats. For example, Jennifer Lopez is seen wearing them frequently, and we can all agree she does them justice.

To sum up, these are some of our favorite celebrity fur coat looks that we believe you can copy. Marc Kaufman gives you the chance of looking like your idols. In summary, we want you to look glamourous while you drip in luxury. Thus, visit our website to browse through the different types of fur coats we have available.