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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Fur At Home

Buying a fur coat is a massive investment. For some people, it’s a dream they always wanted to see come true. People love fur coats because they keep them incredibly warm during the harsh winter months. Moreover, they are an element of style and give a feeling of luxury. Common mistakes to avoid when storing your fur at home. Have you spent a fortune on your real fur coat? If yes, then you also need to know how to take care of this prized possession.

Magnificent Canadian Lynx Coat

Magnificent Canadian Lynx Coat

Image alt text: A woman wears a Canadian lynx fur coat that gives her a trendy look

When the winter is over, what should you do with your fur coat? You can’t keep wearing it for the sake of fashion because you’ll feel way too hot in it. You can’t keep it hanging in your wardrobe like all the other coats because this one is precious. So, what do you do? You have two options. You can either store your fur properly at home or avail our fur storage services. In this blog, we will primarily talk about the first option.  We will talk about some common mistakes to avoid when storing your fur at home. But first, let’s see why fur storage is necessary.

Why Do You Need Proper Fur Storage?

Designer-made fur garments are expensive and need proper care during in and off-season. It will preserve the fur and increase its life. If you store fur coats this way, they can be passed down generations with all the fur still intact and looking pretty. Only if you take care of your fur coat in this way, you’ll be able to get a good return on your investment. Otherwise, the fur coat will last only a few years before its fur will start to fall off.

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Some Common Mistakes to Avoid

When storing your fur coats, here are a few things you must look out for

  1. Avoid Thin Hangers

When you regularly need to wear the coat in winter, you must hang it on a strong and thick plastic hanger. It ensures that the shape of the collar and shoulders is maintained. Moreover, the hanger should have proper padding, or else marks will appear on the fur where it touches.

  1. Avoid Sunlight

Always try to store your fur in a dark place where sunlight can’t reach it. Just like our skins, animal fur can also be damaged by excessive exposure to ultra-violet radiation in the sunlight. If sunlight falls on the fur for an extended time, the coat’s life will decrease substantially.

  1. Avoid Warm Places

Storing your fur coats at low temperatures is the best option. Most people do not have cold storage options in their homes, so they must send their coats off to a cold storage facility. It decreases the molecular activity in the fur, so it degrades slower. Also, natural oils evaporate at a lesser rate at low temperatures. These oils are necessary to ensure the longevity of fur coats.

  1. Avoid Less Humid Environments

Along with temperature, you must also maintain the humidity levels where your fur coat is stored. Less humid environments lead to faster evaporation of the natural oils. Once that happens, it isn’t possible to recover those oils by artificial means. The optimal humidity level for the storage of fur is around 50%. It is also important to get rid of excess moisture because damp conditions are also harmful to the fur.

  1. Avoid Dust

Avoid dust particles from reaching your fur at all costs. Dust sticks to the fur and causes it to weaken and eventually shed away. Other particles in the air can also cause harm to the fur and cause it to biodegrade rapidly. Hence, always store your fur coat in a cotton bag.

  1. Avoid Crushing

This mistake is more prevalent in the winter season when the fur is in use. When you’re wearing your fur coat, try not to sit for a long time as the fur gets crushed. Also, when you’re storing your coat for the off-season, make sure you do not keep anything on top of it. Moreover, if you hang it, make sure there’s ample room on both sides of it.

  1. Avoid Cedar Closets

Cedarwood has some oils that are harmful to fur. Hence, if you do not use our professional storage services, ensure that the closet or chest you store your fur coat in is not made from cedarwood. 

  1. Avoid Sprays

Keep your fur coat away from hair sprays, and perfumes as these will stain the fur. These stains will be very difficult to remove. Some people might also give you the advice to use some special sprays on fur. However, there is no such thing, and you should never try them.

Professional Fur Storage

As soon as the winter is over, you must pay attention to the storage of your fur coats. How will you know it’s time to store them away? Well, that’s easy. You must store them away when you think it is too hot to wear them. Keeping the coat packed in your closet is not called storing. Contact a proper storage facility where a furrier will first inspect your coat, repair it if necessary, clean it, and then put it away in a proper storage environment.

Men’s Russian Sable Coat

Men’s Russian Sable Coat

Image alt text: A man wears a coat made of Russian Sable, which is one of the rarest furs

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Final Words

Now that you know the top mistakes that people can make when storing fur coats at home, you can try your best to avoid them. This way, your fur coat will remain good as new in every winter season. You’ll also be able to make the most out of your investment by passing it down to the next generations. If you want to buy a new real fur coat, be sure to visit our website and check out our awesome fur products. We also provide fur cleaning and storage services. Contact us today!