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How Can You Make Your Fur Coat Last Longer

Furs are synonymous with wealth, special occasions, and fame. However, this perception changed significantly. Today, you can wear fur garments regularly in a normal routine. Their styling complies with any vintage standards, depending just as one would prefer. How can you make your fur coat last longer?

You can discover a wide variety of fur coats on the style runways and the bustling city roads. Surprisingly, most fur coats look vintage, regardless of whether they are a part of a brand’s latest collection. Therefore, you can style one vintage fur coat for various looks.

Real Furs Are Durable

Real furs are incredibly durable and they never go out of fashion. You can decide and choose your preferences as your legacy. Nevertheless, what many don’t understand is that a fur coat is a characteristic material. It won’t keep going forever if you do not maintain it properly.

It does not imply that it will serve you just one season. An excellent sable coat, for instance, will keep going for ages if you maintain it properly. There are several ways of fur maintenance. Yet, you cannot get the idea of taking care of real fur coats until you get one for yourself.

The process of maintaining fur coats is unique. You can learn all about real fur coat maintenance here. It is primarily because fur coats are not your ordinary coats: They last for decades if you keep them right. Thus, giving a little extra attention never hurts!

Fur Coat Last Longer

Things That Can Harm Real Furs

It is essential to learn about the factors that can damage fur coats. Several factors can damage the furs directly, such as heat, dampness, light, bugs, etc. Let us cover the impact of these factors one by one:

  1. Warmth: – Fur performs incredibly well in chilly climate conditions; however, it detests heat. Warmth and heat can dry out the pelts, leaving your coat with a dull and dry appearance. An excessive amount of heat can make fur garments to get fragile, bringing about real damage.
  2. Moisture and humidity: The highs and lows of humidity can influence your jacket’s conditioning. If the moisture is too little or too much, it can create an imbalance in fur coats’ natural ambiance.
  3. Light: Sunlight may appear harmless; however, direct light will oxidize your coat. It will cause color and shade imbalance.
  4. Moths and pests: Do you know who else loves your coat as much as you? Vermin and creepy crawlies. These critters can tunnel into your coat, leaving openings, tears, or stains.

Tips and Tricks for Fur Coat Maintenance

There are several basic approaches to keep your fur coat looking extraordinary and durable. The main fur coat care guidelines include proper off-season storage, periodic cleaning, and essential fixing tips and repair techniques. You can learn more about this here. Nevertheless, consider the following tips for general fur coat maintenance and cure:

  1. Do not use any perfume or spray around your fur coat. It can create an imbalance in natural fur oils. Likewise, dodge tobacco smoke so that the smell doesn’t penetrate your coat.
  2. If you convey a satchel/purse, don’t drape it on your elbow or let it ceaselessly rub against the coat. It prompts the coat to shed. Constant contact will make the fur coat wear out. Stay away from rucksacks when wearing your fur garment.
  3. Eliminate your fur accessories before hanging your coat to stay away from the additional weight on the creases.
  4. When driving or sitting in a vehicle, it’s encouraged to take your fur garment off. Driving or sitting in a car can pulverize the lower and the back of the coat. Additionally, safety belts can harm the front. The other way around, consider buying an exceptionally planned safety belt.
  5. Don’t get too friendly with air conditioners and heaters. Fur coats have a complicated relationship with artificial heating and cooling.
  6. Refrain from sticking pins or badges on your real fur coats. Pins and brooches can stain and wear out the coat on the points where you stitched them.
  7. Locate a professional furrier for fixing fur damage is different from fixing denim or similar low profile fabrics. Never take your fur coat to an ordinary tailor or attempt to fix it at home. Conventional techniques won’t patch your coat correctly. One wrong cut or line can destroy it.
  8. Always check your fur garment for any indications of damage. Furs are fragile material. When you notice a tear or tangle in your fur coat, have it fixed quickly. Always contact a professional furrier. These minor issues may appear harmless, but they can evolve into costly problems.
  9. Your coat should be cleaned each year by an expert fur coat cleaner. Do not dry clean it. A professional cleaner ensures that your coat looks like new. Cleaning is essential even when you do not wear the coat regularly. The primary motivation to clean your coat is to safeguard the regular oils in each pelt. Professional fur coat cleaning will add radiance and shield it from getting tangled.
  10. Never use moth poisons and mothballs for your fur coats. Alternatively, you can use lavender oil sachets to keep moths away. Do not spray the oil on the coat. You can keep the sachets inside the pockets of the coat.
Fur Coat Last Longer

Modelling fur cleaning at a furrier’s shop


Fur coats and jackets can survive for up to 50 years in your closet if you maintain them properly. Regular cleaning and repair is essential. The best practice is to consider professional furrier’s services.

You can also store fur coats at home. Factor in heat, humidity, sunlight, and moths that can damage your coat at home because it is difficult to repair these issues as discussed. A professional furrier will always take good care of your fur coats.

We provide the best fur maintenance services. Whether you are looking for fur cleaning, repair, or storage, we offer every assistance. You can contact us anytime to avail our professional fur coat maintenance services