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Winter is the time of the year when the atmosphere is dull and gloomy. Most people become lazy and don’t feel like getting out of their warm beds and homes. But if they don’t have a choice and have to go out for work, they often blindly choose 5 fur coats or jacket from their wardrobe, put it on, and rush out. Why should you pay attention to how you look? Winter coats are just to keep you warm right?

We’re sorry to say, but you’ve got that wrong! Winter coats serve a much greater purpose than that. They not only keep you warm and comfortable during the harsh weather but also allow you to maintain your style. The most trendy and stylish types of winter coats are fur coats. Let’s first look at why you should love fur coats. Then read till the end to learn more about 5 fur coats that will make you look classy.


5 Fur Coats

Full-length Cross Fox Fur Coat

Why Choose Fur Coats?

Many people raise their voices against the use of animals for clothing. Well, the bottom line is that humans have grown accustomed to using animals for various purposes. If we do it in a humane manner, then there is nothing wrong with obtaining fur from animals. We use animals for food, after all! Moreover, the responsible use of animals can lead to sustainability.

Fur coats do not harm the environment in any way. Fur is naturally biodegradable, so it does not fill up landfill sites once discarded. Compared to fake fur, real fur is warmer and much more comfortable. Faux fur is harmful to your health as the synthetic fibers used to produce it, causing irritation to your skin.

Furthermore, fur will never go out of style. It has remained in fashion since countless decades now and will not fade away any time soon. No matter what People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says, the majority of the people will keep loving fur.

Read more to find out why you should invest in real fur. Now that you know why you should choose fur coats let’s take a look at 5 classy styles.

5 Classy Styles

Fur coats can be costly. So, before buying one you need to consider which style will be the best for you and provide you the most value for your money.

Here are 5 classy styles which won’t leave you with any regrets:

  1. White Mink Fur Coat

Mink is the most prevalent type of fur available. Over 2 million pelts of mink are produced each year in the United States alone. Mink fur is soft and has small hairs which makes it very fashionable these days. It is one of the most durable types, so you won’t have to replace it. Wrap yourself up in this white mink fur coat and feel your energy and class boost up.

White is the purest of all colors. It represents serenity, innocence and safety. So, this white mink fur coat will make you feel safe and comfortable along with its striking looks.


5 Fur Coats

White Mink Fur Coat


  1. Full-length Silver Fox Coat

Another widely used animal in clothing is the fox. Around 20 million foxes are used for their fur each year globally. The United States is not a huge producer of minks. Instead, it imports mink pelts from the European Union and China.

Fox fur is known for its luxurious looks. It is incredibly fluffy, so it is one of the most comfortable choices. If you prefer long hair fur coats, then fox fur will be just right for you.

Silver has its own class. When the nights are dark, shine like the moonlight with this full-length silver fox coat. Moreover, the cross-out tuxedo fronts are the pinnacle of style.


  1. Canadian Lynx Coat

Lynx fur is the most exotic type of cat fur used for clothing. Canadian lynxes survive in the threatening weather of the icy north because their fur is thick and warm. Humans can take advantage of this and use the fur for their own clothing.

If you’re in love with fashion and fur, a ravishing Canadian Lynx Fur Coat will make you look beautiful. Show the world your glory by getting one for yourself right now! Jennifer Lopez featured this famous fur coat in the 2019 film, Hustlers.

For the industry to remain a sustainable one, we should take care that we do not hunt endangered species such as the Iberian Lynx.


5 Fur Coats

Canadian Lynx Coat


  1. Men’s Chinchilla Coat

According to Statista in 2019, the U.S. menswear market was valued at 114.1 billion dollars.  This number is not trivial and shows that fashion is not just for women. Along with other types of apparel, men can also rock fur coats.

You might ask why you should choose Chinchilla Fur? Chinchilla coats are in style because of the fashionable and vintage look they give. The fur is incredibly soft and appealing. Doesn’t this man look stunning in the black, white and grey Chinchilla Coat?

Men’s Chinchilla Coat

Men’s Chinchilla Coat

  1. Full-length Russian Sable Coat

One of the classiest fur coats is the Russian Sable Coat. It attracts eyes everywhere you go. Its entrancing look is brought about by its color, texture and quality. Bring glamour to your life by wearing the most elegant fur coat. It’s a symbol of luxury, status and power. Along with all this, sable fur retains its smoothness when stroked in any direction.

Sables are well known for their gorgeous fur. Thus, many countries breed them, but Russian Sables are the most popular.

Full-length Russian Sable Coat

Full-length Russian Sable Coat

To sum it up

Fur coats come in many different types and designs. When you go out there to choose the right one for yourself, you might be overwhelmed. Along with the 5 fur coats mentioned in this blog, there are plenty of others that will make you look classy. Check out our collection to find the right fit for yourself.

If you’re still confused about which fur coat will suit you best, check out this guide for more details on how to choose a fur coat that fits with your personality.

At Marc Kaufman Furs we provide you with just that. We are one of the top fur retailers who only want you to feel and look your best in these coats. Now that you know why these fur coats will never go out of style, visit our website to browse through the countless options we have for you!