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10 Services That Every Furrier Should Offer

Since the summers are heating up nowadays, none of us is thinking about putting on a real fur coat. We are not thinking about reusing a vintage fur coat any time soon. However, it is the ideal time to think about your real fur coat. You will need to make your coat up and running before winters arrive. We advise this because, in winters, you will need something to cover you up. You will not have time to waste for revisiting an old fur coat. 10 services that every furrier Should Offer.

Who Is A Furrier And What Is Its Importance?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you should start worrying about that old fur bush. You must revisit your old fur coat and see if it needs any repairs and adjustments. For this, you will need a professional furrier who can inspect and repair your fur coat. Some people say that, to them, it does not matter who the furrier is. Some people also brag about cleaning and managing their fur coats at home. Well, we are not here to discourage a DIY method, but professionals surely carry benefits.

What To Do And What Not To Do At Home?

It is fine to fix and clean your fur coat at home. When it comes to cleaning, yes, we agree that you can easily do that. However, you can only do it easily without injuring the coat if you have the right products and tools. If you do not have the tools and products, it is best not to test your skills at home on an expensive real fur coat. You must see a professional in this case. Even if you have the right tools, if you do not know how to use them, contact a furrier.

Repair work at Marc Kaufman Furs

Repair work at Marc Kaufman Furs

Alt Image Text: A worker is repairing an old fur coat at Marc Kaufman Furs

What To Look For In A Furrier?

We know that it is of utmost importance to reach out to a furrier almost every year. A professional furrier is important if you want to ensure your fur coat’s longevity. Always keep one thing in mind that a real fur coat will only last long enough if you take care of it. Real furs are just like human hair. Every once in a while, you need to wash them, clean them, and condition them. 10 services that every furrier Should Offer. Thus, you must have a professional furrier that can help you with these. What to look for in a furrier is a widely debated question. Let us see what the top ten services that a furrier should offer. In fact, you can bookmark these ten services. So, without further ado, let us dive into these services.

Fur remodel style

Fur remodel Style 21

Alt Image Text: A woman is wearing a restyled real fur coat

Top Ten Services That A Furrier Should Offer

Here is a list of the top ten fur services that a furrier should offer. If you can’t find all ten services, you can settle for eight – but no less than that. These are all the typical services that your furrier must provide and have a proven history of experience. Consider the following:

1. Fur Cleaning

A furrier must have the right tools and products for fur cleaning. They must be able to take off the greasiness, bad odors, and oiliness of furs. You must also ensure that they will be able to get rid of stains.

2. Fur Conditioning

Just like human hair, real fur coats need conditioning as well. They cannot last long enough without proper conditioning. Thus, you should be able to figure out if your furrier has the experience of conditioning furs

3. Fur Repair

Most of the people visit furriers only when they require a fur repair. Thus, a furrier must know how to repair rips, cuts, pelts adjustments, and attaching enclosures. You must ask them to show their recent repair work.

4. Fur Restyling

If you are tired of the same old fur coat, you can contact a furrier to restyle it. A professional furrier must know how to change the overall look of an old fur coat. They should know how to restyle it into something modern.

5. Fur Storage

Professional furriers should always have fur storage. Real furs are hard to store at home. They need specific temperature and humidity to stay in the best shape. Thus, your furrier must provide professional storage services for real fur coats.

Furrier on Premises

Furrier on Premises

Alt Image Text: Several fur coats are stored at Marc Kaufman Furs’ storage

6. Fur Remodeling

When you are choosing a furrier, you must ask him if they can remodel fur coats. You must not confuse it with restyling. Remodeling is a process of converting your fur coat into something totally different, a Real fur coat vintage fur coat. like a handbag or a rug. It is an important service to look for because most of us need it at some point in time.

7. Fur Glazing

Your furrier must be well-equipped with the right tools and products to glaze real furs. 10 services that every furrier Should Offer. Fur glazing is different from fur conditioning. Real fur conditioning focuses on protecting the furs from dirt and actively detangling them. Fur glazing focuses on retaining the natural shine and luster of real furs.

8. Fur Identification

Your furrier must have knowledge about different types of furs. They must know the exceptional measures that they need to take with every fur type to identify them. If they are unfamiliar with fur types, they are not experts.

9. Fur Color Restoration

Fur color restoration is important because, most of the times, furs discolor themselves. They look as if someone bleached them. Thus, a furrier must know how to fix this issue and retain the fur’s color.

10. Fur Rehydration

Rehydrating the fur pelts is really easy. You can do it at home, but if you are using professional services, you must leave it to them. They should know how to do it and bring back the glam of real furs.

Final Words

When it comes to fixing fur coats, including enclosures, buttons, cuts, rips, etc., a professional is required. While you might be able to fix the bad odor of the fur coat, there is no way you can fix discoloration of furs. Thus, you must contact a professional furrier. There have been several incidents where people ended up discoloring their coat while trying to clean them. Thus, you must always contact professional furriers like Marc Kaufman, who provide all the services from fur cleaning and condition to remodeling and storage. Contact us today!