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Be the most stylish you have ever been with an ageless, classic look

We can all agree that when we look at fur coats, allure and luxury come to our minds. Every year as we get closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, our fur coats breathe life outside our closets. There is just something about these coats that make them so stylish, so timeless. Wearing these 7 Fur coats make us feel what we look like with them on us, chic and glamorous.

Apart from being the most practical piece of clothing to wear during wintertime, the way these fur coats make us feel like a movie star out of old Hollywood is the most exciting feeling. It is a universal truth no one can deny – fur coats will never go out of style. These are our top seven picks of coats that will always be timeless.

  • Full-Length Mink Coats

Arguably the most popular choice when a person buys their first fur coat, Mink is the poster-child of timeless fashion. Because it can be paired with almost any outfit you’re wearing, this particular coat has been the public’s favorite for ages.

7 Fur Coats

A woman wearing a black full-length mink fur with white heels, standing in a snowy garden.

Pictured here is one of our favorites, a Classic Mahogany Full-Length fur coat. Because of their lightweight and soft texture, these coats have a lavish appeal to them. Because the animal is so small, the garment is made from dozens of minks. This can cause these coats to be on the more expensive side, but this should never stop you from purchasing them. Everyone has the right to feel expensive sometimes, don’t they? We can guarantee you will feel like a movie star in these, the epitome of extravagance.

The softest fur by far, the Chinchilla coats come in mostly black and white combinations. The incredibly smooth texture and luxurious look make this one of a kind fur. There’s an aura of sophistication and glamour that surrounds you when you wear a chinchilla coat. Although there are only two colors, it usually comes in, black and white, the fur can be dyed to a color of your preference.

7 Fur Coats mink fur with white heels

A woman wearing a black full-length mink fur with white heels, standing in a snowy garden.

As seen in the photo, the coat’s fur has been dyed a beautiful emerald green color. These were extremely popular amongst many famous celebrities back in the day, making it a timeless piece of statement without a doubt.

  • Raccoon Fur Coat

Raccoon coats were most popular in the ’20s and ’30s before Mink overtook them in the ’40s and ’50s, but they never lost their charm. It is the densest and the warmest fur as it is made up of approximately 90% undercoat.

baby blue raccoon jacket with hood

A woman wearing a baby blue raccoon jacket with hood over white pants.

The Baby Blue finish raccoon jacket in the photo has a very regal look to it, and gives it an everlasting beauty, and gives you the most comfort.

  • Shearling Coat

Women have worn shearling coats since the 1970s. There are many silhouettes with this particular fur, and they have been a winter wardrobe staple since forever. These coats are sturdy and durable, and while their classic look goes with every style, they ensure the fur will hold its own no matter what the current trend may be.

full-length coat with black heels

A woman wearing a gray sherling full-length coat with black heels, posing on a street.

This fur coat does not only make you look good but makes you as warm as you want to be. Many celebrities are seen wearing this during wintertime, so you know it’s never going out of style.

  • Lynx Coats

There is no doubt that adding fur to any outfit further elevates your look. Lynx furs are amongst the most valuable and the most expensive and require a unique technique to make. One of the most appealing to look at it; the design and pattern on these coats are usually what comes to mind when we think of “fur coats.”

lynx coat

Jennifer Lopez wearing a lynx coat, wrapping it around Cardi B in a scene from the movie Hustlers.

Jennifer Lopez is seen here, donning a beautiful Lynx Coat in her movie Hustlers. This fur has been seen worn by countless celebrities and proves to be one of their favorite kinds, making it a trend that you won’t ever see ending.

  • Fox Coats

Fox fur is affordable, so you can find it in people’s closets very easily. You might have a fox fur garment passed down to you by your ancestors, and you will still be able to pair it with today’s fashion.

This coat’s look never loses its charm, and you get to look extremely fashionable at a much affordable price. These coats have a very lavish and a glitzy look to them, making them an ageless piece of clothing to own.

golden island fox coat

Jennifer Lopez wearing a golden island fox coat in the movie, ‘Hustler’.

  • Sable Coats

Sable coats are the most expensive and luxurious fur coats you could own. A century ago, there was a law that only the czar and his family could wear these as the animal, sable has such unique energy and mystery to it.

As far as looking the most expensive in a room goes, wear this coat, and you’ll be the reason people’s heads are turning. These coats have the power of making you look the most magnificent and dominant in a group of people.

Russian sable fur coat

A woman wearing a fabulous Russian sable fur coat with black skinny jeans.

We can assure you that donning a piece made out of this material will make you look everlasting, and you will leave an impression on people who will talk about it for years to come.

  • Conclusion

At Marc Kaufman Furs, we provide you with the most luxurious, timeless fur coats you could ever find. From classic, elegant, to chic and sporty – you name it, and we got it! It is our pleasure to help men and women feel beautiful and classy, and we do it through these fluffy, eternally stylish pieces.

No matter what one says, you cannot deny the pull you have towards these beautiful, ageless coats. Fret not, as you can find every type at Marc Kaufman Furs along with your choice of colors.