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Fur, Leather, and Lipstick – In the World Full of Trends; Remain Classic!

Vintage Fur Coat

Two women looking chic, wearing black mink fur coats with Russian sable collars in a monochrome portrait.

Fur Coats, Whether Mink or Sable, Are in Fact, A Guilty Pleasure!

A high Vintage mink coat value is always a game-changer for the flea markets and of course, brand sales! Nevertheless, there is a thing that you should focus on first– VINTAGE FUR COAT HAVE VALUE BEYOND THE CONTEMPORARY APPEAL. Whether you talk about the resale potential or fashion retention, you get it all with a mystique fur coat!

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The journey that fur coats had is entirely political (diplomatic is an even more accurate term). Back in the day, furs were a necessity, and in no time, they became a status symbol. Yet again, within a literal short span, they flew to this persona non grata. This makes each one of us feel guilty about wearing vintage used fur coats. We know that Gucci pioneered the anti-fur movement, followed by Versace, Burberry and Coach. It DOES NOT mean that you should trash out the important stuff that you own. What is the point of adopting such a radical policy that animal rights activists talk about when the Capital Grille and Del Frisco’s are not going to stop adding magnificent steaks to their menus? (Fun fact: steaks and furs point to the taste caliber).

Simply put – If you own a vintage fur coatwear it. You can style up your vintage fur coat with your head up high! All in all, in the world of fashion and fading trends, you are classic. You should have the pride and guts to represent the voice of prestigious antiques!

Vintage Fur Coat

A woman wearing a black mink fur coat with a cigarette in her hand in a monochrome portrait.

Style Your Vintage Fur Coat Like A 21st-Century Fashionista

  • Ditch the cliché and prefer restraint

When it comes to fashion, it is about looking effortlessly chic. Thus, if you want to look unkempt and frill, you must be aware that just putting up some lipstick and a chinchilla would not work. You would need to always keep it effortless and minimalistic. If you are a fan of the vintage look, you need to add in a little spice. A chinchilla fur coat with some roll-on shoes never hurt if it comes organically.

The basic rule that keeps the game healthy while buying vintage congests in three simple rules. These are Buy Less, Spend Wisely and Buy Well. The more patterned and wild a piece of clothing is, the less potential it has. Thus, you don’t have to go all extra with the furs you buy, especially vintage fur coats. If you’re unsure about the hows and whys, contact us today so we can help you out with this!

Vintage Fur Coat

A man singing on stage with a mic in his hand, wearing a chinchilla fur vest.

  • Fashion has no religion!

Well, this one’s a purely post-modernistic stance on fashion – IF YOU THINK IT’S ART, IT IS ART. This means that you can wear all the clothes you bought last year and even your mother’s vintage faux sable coat and feel confident as if you know all about fashion and it’s all that you care about! Owning yourself and your comfort before styling yourself up to the latest benchmarks defined by the fashion-freaks is essential. Once you take the pill of outdated French fashion, looking uptight all the time would not be the treat you serve. Now that’s the point where we pep up a little with vintage furs and sables. (Please don’t chicken out like Samantha when you’re attacked with the animal activists when you wear your vintage fur coat).

Tell the world that your fashion is WHAT YOU DECIDE. You do not need some shabby guy in Frenzi or Paris, who would come up every spring and fish out some extremely questionable clothing line for which you would need to weigh lighter than a bird. Break loose your fashion chains and rock all the vintage furs with our discounted coats.

Vintage Fur Coat

A woman wearing a stunning white fox cape over a black bodysuit, posing in front of a door with plants around her.

  • It’s okay to disobey the haute couture

Say NO to the white plain blouse that costs $65 that some random woman in Bangladesh took 10 cents to sew! You might not understand this if you are a college brat as high school ones are the premium slaves of fashion brands. If you’re over it and are ready to become your own boss, pick those leather boots you once left on the Porsche. Get back on the heels, abandoning all the fashion stereotypes that you grew up with. You do not have to smell like roses all the time to look beautiful. You do not even need that over-expensive brassiere to ensure beauty.

If you feel gorgeous in the trio of a smoky vintage mink furs, white undershirt, and a pair of ripped jeans, you have your ways defined my dear! Forget all the activists and all those pointless ethical pitches that say you can’t do this, and you can’t do that. A DRESS HAS A MEANING, AND THE MEANING IS YOU! You want to show off that bold dress because it gives meaning to you, then go for it! When it comes to fashion, that too, the 21st-century fashion to which Gen Z gives most backing, you can pair up anything and become a trendsetter for the “class before trend” trip. We are the most sophisticated fur coat resale shops. So, gear up and buy your vintage fur coat now!

Vintage Fur Coat

A woman wearing a mink silver fur coat, posing with a man.

Summing It Up!

Adding an irresistible look to the fashion genre that you top using your parents’ wardrobe is nothing that you should feel guilty about. Old graphic tees, mink fur coats, flared bottoms, and leather boots are some items that help you look rad and classy at the same time. Fashion is one’s choice; hence, it must not be considered a person’s definition. Don’t let brands define you. Be the 21st-century champ that you are! Adding an old-fashioned edge to your look is the venture of wilderness to which one should definitely give a shot!