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Why Should You Wear Fur Coats Every day?

Marc Kaufman is a household name when it comes to Fur Coats, and we do not disappoint. Luxury wear is something everyone desires, and we provide the public with precisely that. From mink coats and sable coats to Shearling, chinchilla and lynx coats and jackets – you name it, and we have it!

Fur Coats

We believe fur coats, no matter what kind, can elevate an outfit and make you look your best every day. The days you do not feel like dressing up – we’ve all been there – can be fixed by a good, luxury fur coat. A good quality fur coat can make you look like you own the day, no matter how plain your outfit is under it.

Celebrities all over the world are donned in luxury fur coats and jackets, so why can’t you? We have picked a few styles of coats and jackets from our collection to help you give your everyday outfits that extra glam it needs.

Mink Coats and Jackets

Mink coats are arguably the most popular choice when one buys their first fur coat. With the lightweight and soft texture, Mink has maintained a good reputation in the world of fur. At Kaufman, we have a wide variety of Mink furs you can choose from, from every color to every shape.

Most popularly paired with evening gowns, along with Mink Coat can be a great addition to a sleek, body-hugging dress as well. Knee-high boots with a glossy leather skirt and a figure-hugging high-neck can be paired with a long Mink Coat, and we assure you there is nothing classier than this look.

If you are going for a more casual, laid-back look, we suggest wearing a short Mink Jacket. These go with just about anything, from mom jeans to a casual dress. The short Mink Jackets are great for a casual night out with your friends or going to family dinners.

Chinchilla Coats and Jackets

Chinchilla is the softest and the most delicate fur of all. A Chinchilla coat has the power to make heads turn all around you. Chinchilla coats usually come in a black and white combination but can be dyed in the colors you desire.

Because these coats come in such monochrome colors, they can be paired with a very bright outfit. A white Chinchilla coat would look great on a bright, Barbie-pink dress paired with white boots. Black Chinchilla jackets look amazing on men when paired with black denim and a plain white T-shirt. A Chinchilla coat or jacket can easily make a mundane outfit look straight out of a runway.

Shearling Coats and Jackets

Fur Coats

A Shearling Coat or Jacket is like the poster-child of wintertime. Because they are made out of lambskin or sheepskin, they are incredibly soft to the touch and provide you with all the comfort you need on the chilly winter nights. These coats and jackets don’t just make you look good but make you as warm as you want to be.

Winter is here, and it’s time to get your Shearling out of the closet. At Kaufman, we have all types of Shearling Coats and Jackets available – long, short, hooded, and any other style you wish to possess. Celebrities are seen wearing these coats every winter for their streetwear, so we can take a little inspiration from them.

Short Shearling jackets have an edgy look to them and can be paired best with blue denim and a crop top. They can also be paired with sportswear, as the short jackets fit wonderfully with sweats and trousers with running shoes. Just imagine, going to the gym in luxury wear. That is the dream, and we can make it happen!

Long Shearling coats can be worn with a sporty skirt and your joggers. They are also worn by something as plain as dark denim and a plain white T-shirt, the most casual one can get. For men, they can pair their Shearling Jackets and Coats with denim and formal shoes along with a formal shirt or a T-shirt. These jackets make men look classy with a hint of edge to them.

Normalize Wearing Fur Coats Everyday

All of these different types of luxury coats can be thrown over the most straightforward looks, and you can make it look like you put a lot of effort into them. No matter what you’re wearing, sweats or leggings and a plain shirt, these coats will make it look like you are the poster-child of luxury.

Do not be afraid of wearing a luxury, designer coat for everyday wear. No, it does not look like it’s too much. If anything, these branded coats make you look like the embodiment of high-fashion and who does not want that? No matter what your style is, edgy, chic, bohemian or artsy – at Kaufman, we have the best luxury coats to help make you look your best no matter where you go.

Fur Coats and Jackets have been around for a very long time, and they never go out of fashion. No matter what weather, place or event, a luxury coat/jacket can always be worn with your outfit. Go through our website to browse some of the top quality, luxury coats you can find online. Many celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Cardi B and Snoop Dogg, have donned our coats and made them a timeless staple.

The COVID-19 ridden world could use a bit of brightening up, and we believe our coats and jackets do just that. Feeling fancy once in a while won’t hurt anyone, and indeed not the way you look. Kaufman can help make you look trendier and fancier no matter what outfit you have got on.

Mink, Chinchilla, Shearling, Sable or Lynx – layer up with these luxurious fur coats this winter and make all of your outfits look the best in the room. It’s time we normalize wearing fur coats every day, and the Kaufman fur coats and jackets will make you feel your best every day.