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How to Maintain Real Fur Coats?

Winters are finally here, and the best way to keep warm is by wearing real fur coats, which are the current rave in the fashion industry, but nothing special comes without a price. Maintaining a fur coat is by no means an easy feat. Only true fashionistas have an understanding of ensuring real fur’s quality. They know that only a professional should be left with that kind of responsibility. If you have a coat that needs taking care off, make it a point to know that your dry cleaner has experience and skill in the matter. However, not all of us can go to the cleaners every single day. Here are a few instructions on how you can take better care of your fur clothing.

Daily Maintenance

Fur Coats

  • Ensure You Have the Right Hanger

One mistake many people make is assuming all hangers are of the same quality. That is not the case. If you want to place your fur coat in the cupboard where it is safe and cozy, then make the hanger holding it, is broad, sturdy and padded. This will maintain its shape and keep it in perfect form. Also see that the neck of the hanger is long enough, which lets the clothing stretch itself. If the neck is short, then that will cramp the look and your style.

  • Keep it Away from Dust

Since winters don’t come every day, it is a given that your coat is kept away, but like anything in storage, it is bound to collect dust. Do not make the mistake of putting it in a plastic bag, under any circumstances. The material prevents any air from entering, which is hazardous for the fur that depends on it in order to avoid cracking or turning dry. Rely on cotton bags of decent quality—the higher their per cent of cotton, the better.

  • Prevent Stains

During an outing, you would want to look good and smell good. So it’s a given that you will be applying make-up, perfume and many more things to make that happen. When doing so, make sure that you haven’t already worn your fur coat. Items like scents and hairspray can leave stains on the dress, because of alcohol formulas those products have. This can dry the coats hides, penetrate through the fur and ruin its quality. The smell of your perfumes is even more difficult to get rid of. To apply all that you need to before dressing up.

Fur Coats

  • Remove Unwanted Moisture

Winters don’t just bring the chilly breeze; you can expect a bad case of rain or snow to fall at any moment. In case you’re outdoors when that happens, make sure to have a look at your coat once your indoors. Shake the coat as much as possible, to get rid of all the water. Once that is done, hang in a properly ventilated room to dry. As tempting as it may be to dry the coat as soon as possible, please refrain from using any items that direct heat on the fur. This includes items such as a hairdryer or clothes dryer. Never resort to your brush and combs either, as they can tangle the design. Instead, add a more intimate touch by just stroking your hand on the fur.

If the water amount is too much, because you got stuck under heavy rain, then don’t stress. You may not be able to fix it, but some professionals can deal with this mess but do not delay it. The water affects the hides the most, so it needs to be fixed immediately; otherwise, the coat will start shrinking.

  • Avoid Matting

Parties and weddings are a place to shine, and what better way to do so than by showcasing your jewellery. When doing so, make it a point to pin your necklace on the coat itself, as this will mat the fur. The material needs to be kept free form any object. Do not wear a bag on your shoulder either, because that can make a bald spot on your coat and wear it away over time.

  • Do Not Crush the Fur

Sometimes in social settings, we tend to sit down for long conversations. Should you find yourself in a heated debate or a little gossip, make sure you take off your coat to avoid crushing the fur. The pressure that is placed on it can damage the material and leave behind unwanted marks which are difficult to brush away with your hand later on. If it is difficult to take your coat off, then at least try changing your position to reduce the pressure. This way one part of the coat won’t be pressed on again and again. It is preferred that you take it off before sitting down. It will do well as a blanket on your lap during the chilly weather.

Storage Tips

Hot weather is a fur coats worst enemy. Be it mink coats or sable coats, none of them likes it when the sun comes around. The problem, however, is that coats are only worn once during the year. This makes it essential to have a good saving spot for the coat once the summers come around. If the material is left out in the heat, and leather begins to stiff and crack, ruining the quality and the look.

If you have an adequate storage space, then the required temperature for it is 45 degrees. 50% of humidity will be needed as well. Keep the storage area dark as possible because that helps avoid fading color and bleaching. It even keeps the bugs away. Insects like moths love to make their homes on fur coats. If you keep the temperature high, they won’t cause trouble.

So say goodbye to those fears about keeping natural fur out of trouble. With these tips provided, it is a guarantee that your coat will not only be safe but maintain its quality for others to impress with.