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Reasons Why Real Fur will Always be Better

Many celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé, have been spotted wearing real fur on multiple occasions. While there is a considerable debate between real fur and faux, only its always the authentic material that gives you satisfaction. Therefore, here are a few pointers on why real fur will always, without a doubt, be better.

Environment Friendly

If we talk about sustainability, real fur takes the trophy there without a doubt. Real fur is a natural, renewable resource. By the use of real fur, we can manage to avoid causing damage to the natural habitat. Because faux fur – the only alternative for real fur – is made of synthetics, it does not promote sustainable use of our environment.

The fur industry does not use any endangered species to make fur items, which is a huge misconception around the world. Many governments around the world instil specific laws, rules and regulations to make sure no endangered species are being used in this business. Moreover, faux fur has been proven to cause cancer among with other health issues, whereas real fur is 100% human friendly. Because fur coats are a 100% natural and environmentally friendly, they tend to last for a long time unlike faux fur, which is non-biodegradable and a threat to the environment.

Fashion Trend for the Ages

Fur coats have been around for a very long time, and will possibly never go out of fashion. The great thing about buying a real fur coat or jacket is that if you get one today, you can keep on wearing it for a very long time and eventually pass it over to someone. Fur coats and jackets are timeless; they never go out of fashion. Because real fur lasts a long time, it is a great asset to have as it will forever compliment your outfits no matter what.

No matter what debate one brings on, they cannot deny that real fur coats steal the attention from everyone around them. Real fur is such a fashion statement that it makes heads turn towards it everywhere. Unlike real fur, faux fur looks relatively cheap and has a sour finish, and needs to be replaced regularly because it lacks the durability required for longer life.

The Comfort of Real Fur

Because of the chilly nights, people need proper warmth and comfort to get through them. Authentic fur is not heavy or bulky; it has the perfect weight to keep you warm and comfortable on those cold nights.

Real fur is exceptionally soft and smooth, unlike faux fur, which can feel rougher and feel inexpensive to the touch. No matter what people believe, real fur is better than faux fur when it comes to comfort as it feels like the luxurious item it is.

The fur is known to be one of the best insulators around. Because real fur coats have an inner lining or wool padding, they are genuinely better at providing comfort and warmth, unlike faux fur coats. Breathability is also a significant factor that contributes to the debate about why real fur will always be better. Faux fur is not breathable like real fur, which makes it easier for people to wear real fur coats.


It can be a little hard for people to tell faux fur apart from real fur, but there is a big difference between them. While faux fur feels very coarse to the touch, real fur is much softer and silkier. Faux fur can also shed if you run your fingers through it, which is not the case for real fur. Real fur feels very luxurious, as it should. Kaufman makes real, authentic fur coats that look as luxurious as they feel.

The hair on a real fur coat is light and glossy, and you can easily run your fingers through it. Whereas faux fur is very stiff, and the tips of the hair are blunt. By running your hand through faux fur, you can quickly tell it is not real, as the strands of hair get tangled with each other.

Shedding of Fur

Like we have mentioned above, shedding can be an issue when it comes to faux fur. Because the hair is artificial, the strands loosen and start shedding from the faux fur coat over time. On the other hand, with real fur, one does not have to go through such incidents as the hair on the fur coat forever stays intact and remains as smooth as ever. No matter how much you pull and put a strain on it, real fur coats will never have blind spots and shedding like faux fur coats.

At Kaufman, we guarantee you will never have to face any of these issues as we design quality, real fur coats, and jackets. For our customers to have the best fur coat experiences, we use real fur, which we believe is the safer and more environmentally friendly option.

Whether you want Mink Coats, Chinchilla coats, Chinchilla jackets, Shearling coats, and jackets, or Lynx coats, the Marc Kaufman Family has all of them available. We very faithfully believe in the fact that real fur will always be better because of how authentic the product is. Real fur has so many more benefits that faux fur does not, and cannot achieve because of its synthetic material.

Real fur can make anyone shine and look the best in a room, no matter what outfit they have paired with it. Kaufman truly believes the collection of fur coats they have available can help customers feel their best and look their best. Real fur provides real warmth, and you can have that while looking the most stylish you have ever looked. So, as winter is here, these benefits of having a real fur coat should make you want to own one by now.