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Which Real Fur has the Most Value?


Fur has been a part of the fashion industry for many years. Whether accepted or controversial, it always has had some involvement in the field in one form or another. During one period it was the highest and most demanded item. It appears that in recent years it might be getting its comeback after all. Many people question which specific type of fur carries the most value in terms of monetary means as well as style. Many consider it now to be a ‘niche’ product that is worn by a few people. Despite the lack of numbers, it still remains to be iconic.  Many wealthy investors are keen on keeping the trend going.


Top Furs of the Industry


When it comes to which carries the most value, the most commonly seen furs that are seen are the Mink, Sable and Chinchilla. These are placed at the highest price and labelled as ‘chic’ by buyers. Each of them has their own sense of style and quality that makes them stand out from the generic ones. One of their most vital qualities is the warmth factor. Many jackets and coats tend to fall behind when it comes to quality, but when it comes to the top furs, they never let the one who wears them feel the slightest chill.



This is one of the most famous types of fur that is high in demand in the market. Any person fond of fashion will know the importance and allure that Mink has to offer. It is deemed to be the first fur coat that any woman would buy. With its unique features of being a lightweight, unique sheen, soft texture, and long life, the mink fur was the one that everyone wanted. Even today, the demand for it remains relatively surprisingly high. The fur is usually seen in dark colors of brown. The favorite color theme is the chocolate shade that ranges in price from $1000 to over $50,000.


Like the Mink fur, the Sable carries a considerable amount of value in the fashion world. Known for its silky pelt, it contains the smoothness that other furs lack. Whether you stroke it left or right, up or down, even in circles, the quality of it never fails. As of today, a jacket containing Sable starts around the price of $16,000, but if you’re a picky buyer and want the best quality, get ready to pay up to $150,000 for the hottest silvery coat.


Fabulous Chinchilla Fur Stroller Wide Collar

Ask any fashion enthusiast; the Chinchilla is one of the most distinct furs out there. Identified by its slate blue-grey color, this fur type is in a league of its own, surpassing much of its competition. Though a lightweight, it compensates with its high hair density, making it a ravishing sight. It even carries a considerable amount of softness and warmth as well. However, like most exceptional pieces, it comes at a price. Most Chinchillas are very difficult to maintain, hence its high cost and needs to be maintained at all times. Currently, the price ranges from $30,000 to $100,000.

Investment and Buying Tips

Most fur garments vary in quality and quantity depending on a series of factors such as location, topography, pelt quality, retailer cost, designer label, weather and season. One flaw that sellers tend to face is that furs don’t generally appreciate in value. If a price has been placed, it is difficult to make it higher, due to the small number of niche customers available. In the long run, however, if the sellers can keep its quality maintained well, then their resale value can increase with time.

The better these products are taken care, of, the more their value increases. No customer in their right mind would consider buying a fur that is in bad shape. To accomplish that though is the hard part. Humidity remains to be every furs worst nightmare. Once the temperature turns warm, that is the time to place all your furs in a storage space where the temperature is kept balanced at all times.

Before deciding which garment you would like to buy or invest in, always try to have an idea about the product before doing so. The price is already high, and it would be sensible to be sure about what you’re putting your money into. Make sure that the fur aligns with your skin tone and hair color as well, because that makes the combination more effective as a whole. Remember, you are going to be a sight for sore eyes, let the furs help you achieve that. Don’t worry about what time of day it is, wear the garment day and night if you must, as it will make you more accustomed to it.

Keep track of the styles that are hot in the trends. As of today, the furs are usually dyed with colors that are not found in nature, to add more appeal and flavor to it. If you prefer a classic full-length style with colors of black, brown, and silver, then make sure it fits with your overall look.

Make sure to look up sellers who might be offering deals that are appealing to your tastes and financial means. The ones who are providing the garments from the United States and Europe tend to have those of better quality. If you are conflicted about buying due to ethical reasons, then you can ask where the fur initially came from. If that is not enough, then you can apply the estate route, which will give you a used piece from a vintage clothing store. It may not be the best of quality, but it will have some of the features that you enjoy.


Even today, not many can point a finger and say that one specific type of fur carries the most value. Still, it cannot be denied that the three fur titans of Mink, Chinchilla and Sable continue to dominate the market and have a value that transcends the rest.