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Fur Fashion

Cold winter air is about to force you to keep yourself as warm as possible, and the temperatures will drop even further in the next couple of months. A valid question that comes to your mind would be, “Is my coat enough to protect against frostbites, or should I get a new one?”.

If you decide on getting a new one, let us help you choose the perfect match. Have you ever thought about getting a fur coat? Are you wondering if fur coats are still in style this year? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

As you may have guessed, we’re not going to talk much about how a fur coat keeps you warm. There are plenty of coats that can do that. Most people never own a fur coat in their lives, but they don’t die because of the cold. We’re going to tell you how winter fur coats are still in style and how they will bring glamour to your life this year.

Timeless Fashion

The word “fashion” most likely brings to your mind its ever-changing nature. This is because most fashion trends are temporary. They come and go pretty quickly. New styles come up on the catwalks every year in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. The industry reacts to these styles, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide attempt to adopt the new trends. When you think that a particular trend will last long, a new one comes up, and the previous one ceases to exist. However, many trends are cyclical and may come back every few years.

Conversely, fur coats are part of something we call “Timeless Fashion,” as they are in style all the time. It has remained consistent throughout the past decades, and there is no reason to believe that it will go out of style any time soon. Previously, the royalty was the only class who owned fur coats, but now they are becoming increasingly popular among the general elite.



Classic Blackglama Mink Coat

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat


The primary reason for the timelessness of fur is its versatility. Fur goes with almost anything. There isn’t an outfit in the world on which a fur coat won’t look stunning. Also, there isn’t an event where a fur coat would be inappropriate. Even if you have to dress soberly for a funeral, you can pick out a black and grey chinchilla coat from your wardrobe, and it will look perfect.

Although the world won’t get tired of fashionable furs, there is a chance that you’ll get tired of the same fur coat. In a UK study, The Guardian claimed that one in three young women consider a garment worn once or twice to be old. If this is true for you too, and you can’t afford to buy a new fur coat, get the existing one remodeled by us. We will make customized changes to your coats using the same fur. This way, you’ll get a new look and feel from your outfit.


Celebrities: The Love for Fur

Fur has been a symbol of class and status throughout history. Celebrities worldwide have been fond of making appearances on red carpets in astonishingly beautiful fur coats. They often use fur to grab the attention of all the photographers at an event, as well as the press. They desire to be the subjects of conversations on social media and television shows. Fur coats enable them to take their style up a notch and allure people to follow them in the trends they set.

The most recent example of fur coats appearing in Hollywood is the 2019 film, Hustlers. In this movie, we saw JLO Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B dressed up in eye-catching and dressy fur coats. This clearly showed the world that fur coats are not out of style yet, nor will they be shortly.

Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber have also rocked fur coats infrequent public appearances. Other celebrities who have appeared wearing fur in the past include Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Read more about all these celebrities and how they’ve used fur to enhance their looks and image.

featuring a Lynx Coat

JLO and Cardi B in the movie, Hustlers, featuring a Lynx Coat


Going into 2021: 3 Stylish Fur Coats

Finally, we will mention 3 particular fur coats that have remained stylish in 2020 will go into 2021.


Blue Iris Mink Coat

Blue Iris Mink Coat


Full-length Russian Sable Coat

Full-length Russian Sable Coat

Full-length Ranch Mink Coat

Full-length Ranch Mink Coat


  1. Blue Iris Mink Coat

The incredibly comfortable mink coat will make you adore fur even if you aren’t fond of it right now. Its unique blue iris color gives an elegant sight. The indigo fox fronts feel lovely to touch.

  1. Full-length Russian Sable Coat


Do you want to look extremely stylish and cute? Try out a full-length Russian Sable coat. The investment will surely be worth it. Feel the soft fur melt in your palms when you put them inside your pockets.


  1. Full-Length Ranch Mink Coat


This coat has a different feel to it. The Chinchilla Fur tuxedo trim and Chinchilla collar cuffs are the height of beauty. Furthermore, black will bring glamour to your outfit. Wear it to impress your friends.


There are hundreds of fur coats that are in style today. And as we mentioned, they will remain in style in the future. To check out more fur coats in our collection, follow this link.