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Fur Coat Restyling

estylingFur coats have been timeless pieces of fashion statements for a long time. They pass down from generation to generation. In addition to being eternal, they are the most stylish pieces of clothing you could own. While it is true that fur coats never go out of style, you could get tired of wearing the same style again and again.

Therefore, you might think of selling the coat or possibly donating it. Depending on how much the coat is worth and how emotionally attached one can get to it, restyling your fur coat can give it the much-needed facelift it needs. Be it, Mink or Sable, a furrier can restyle any fur the way you desire.

Fur is an organic material. Therefore, it can stretch and reconfigure to your liking. Fur coats that are well maintained can be restyled after even a couple of decades. They can also be remodeled into a new fur coat and can transform into hats, scarves, gloves, or even carpets. The most common restyling that is done is to make an existing fur coat into a new style. For example, some people want their long fur coats to be short.

Marc Kaufman Furs has put together a few ways you can restyle your fur coats:

Shorten the Hem

During the 1920s and 1930s, fur coats would usually touch your ankles. The coats would be long and bulky. Hence, women wouldn’t get as much comfort as they wouldn’t have the freedom to move.  So, by making the hem shorter, you can instantly change the look of your coat.

For example, the Mink coat in the photo seems more chic and stylish after the restyling.

Mink Fur Coat Remodel

By raising the hem, your coat will immediately acquire a more modern and fresh look. Of course, the comfort and freedom to move is an added bonus! Lastly, having a shorter hem also saves your fur coat from the wear and tear a longer one usually suffers.

Get Rid of the Sleeves!

Fur coats in recent years have transformed and come in various styles. One trend that is extremely popular nowadays is a fur vest. Changing your old fur coat into a fur vest is the chicest restyling you can give to it.

Purple Raccoon Vest

A fur vest can be the chic-est item of clothing in your closet. It is the epitome of punk glam and can also give you a sophisticated look with a flair of drama. Furthermore, this is a great way to restyle your fur coat. A vest goes with any outfit you wear – it can be bohemian, chic, classy, or even sporty!

Sometimes, you can have leftover fur because of the restyling of your fur coat. Therefore, you can experiment with it and create several fur accessories! For example, a handbag, a scarf, a headband, and much more can come out of the leftover fur.

Consider Changing the Cut

Restyling your fur coat into a new cut can do wonders.

Mahogany Mink Coat Restyled

As seen in the photo, the fur coat cut has changed. The collar has opened up, and the sleeves are tapered. Therefore, the coat looks more modern. Lastly, because the waist has been nipped, it seems much more functional.

Small changes like restyling the cut can make a huge difference and give your fur coat a completely new look!

Transform it into a Jacket

Jackets have been trending in the fashion world for the past thirty years or so. Be it leather, denim, or fur, and jackets are the most “right now” item in your closet. If the fur is not appealing to you anymore like it once was, turn it inside out. For instance, use it as a warm lining for a leather jacket or a raincoat.


As pictured above, the black jacket looks stunning on the woman. It has a Shearling fur lining, which means it provides all the warmth a fur coat would. So, while staying warm, you can look your most stylish too!

Furthermore, shearing your coat into a casual jacket can make give it a massive makeover too. For example, you can have the whole coat sheared or keep the fur on the collar or sleeves.

Women’s Black Shearling Pullover Jacket with Zipper

Turn it into Accessories

If you are a fur owner and want to try something new with your old fur coat, take your imagination beyond just changing the garment’s style and cut. For one thing, fur has many purposes. It is not only there to wear a coat or a jacket. For example, you can turn your fur coat into numerous kinds of accessories.

An old Fox coat can be easily transformed into a beautiful floor rug. Similarly, a Mink coat can be restyled into a warm, comfortable throw or blanket. However, this is not where your imagination should stop. For example, you can transform the fur coat into a beautiful fur bag, as pictured below.

Baby Pink Fox Fur Bag

If you live in a place where the weather drops to dangerously cold levels, you want to keep your whole body warm. Therefore, you can transform your fur coat into one of the chicest items ever, a fur bubble hat.

Red Fox Fur Bubble Hat

To summarize, you can do so much with your fur coat. A furrier can restyle it into fur earmuffs, a scarf, or a fur hat! So, let your imagination run free and let your creativity out!

Green Fox Ear Muffs


Fur coat restyling is the smartest choice when you are bored with your coat. It can take some timebut a trusted furrier can do the job exceptionally well. Rushing a fur restyling job can provide you with a low-quality product, which no one wants.

As you’ve read in the blog, there are multiple ways you can restyle your fur coat. Who thought you could transform a long Mink coat into a handbag? But, you must be sure about the changes you wish to make.

In conclusion, we are here to help you with the restyling process. Marc Kaufman Furs is a well-known name in the fur industry. We provide you with nothing other than the best quality fur products available. If you’re bored of your fur coat, fret not! We are here to help you with it.

We have the expertise and experience you need through the restyling process. Therefore, we can guarantee you will get your desired outcome! Visit our page to see how we can help you restyle your fur coat!

Let us help you transform your look. You can expect nothing but the best outcome from us!