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Fur Cleaning

Fur coat needs cleaning and storage, It’s a widely known fact that real fur garments are expensive. Fur coat prices typically start from $1000 and can even go up to $75,000. This implies that buying a fur coat can be a massive investment.


It’s an Investment


It is similar to buying cars, houses, or other high involvement items. You need to put in a great deal of time and energy into research. You need to figure out which type fits perfectly with your personality, lifestyle, and the environment you’re living in.


People invest in fur coats for various reasons. Firstly, they help to keep you warm and comfortable during the severe winter months. Secondly, fur coats go hand in hand with fashion. You can bring style and glamour to your outfit by merely putting on a luxurious fur coat. Finally, unlike synthetic textiles that fill up landfill sites, fur is naturally biodegradable. This is the main reason why environment conscious people buy fur.

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat


An investment like this needs proper care and attention. It is vital to clean your fur coats at least once every year and store them in a well-known storage facility during the off-season. Read further to find out why your fur coat needs cleaning and storage.


How to Clean Your Fur Coat?


You should never wash your fur coats at home. Giving it to the conventional dry cleaner is also a big no. The cleaning process for a fur coat is technical. We recommend that you use a professional furrier or fur cleaner’s services. An added advantage of this is that the fur cleaner will first carry out an inspection of your coat. This way, you’ll know if it requires any repair work along with the cleaning.


There isn’t any doubt that a dirty coat will keep you warm. However, as we mentioned earlier, one primary reason people wear fur coats is to enhance their looks. A coat that is dirty will not fulfill this purpose at all.


Reasons to Go to A Furrier for Cleaning Your Fur Coat


Here are 4 reasons why you should get your fur coat cleaned every year:


  1. Dirt, Salt, and Dust


If you wear your fur coat every day, a considerable amount of dirt will accumulate on its hem over time. Moreover, there may be salt patches on your full-length coats if they touch the ground. On the other hand, if you don’t wear your fur coat every day, it may be a wise choice to store it in a plastic bag until you need it. This will prevent dust from sticking to the fur.


  1. Stains


You may be well aware that stains can destroy your expensive fur coats. Some stains cannot be removed even by a professional furrier. But luckily, they are equipped enough to remove most stains. Nevertheless, you must be careful when you’re wearing your fur coats. Make sure you don’t spill coffee, juice, or any other beverage on it. Also, make sure that you apply perfume before you put on your coat.


  1. Drying out


Fur pelts have natural oils that are necessary for the hair to remain intact on the leather. If you do not clean the fur coat properly, these oils may dry up. This will lead to the shedding of hair. Make sure you get it cleaned every year by a professional.


  1. Infestations


The fur can have various kinds of infestations, such as flea, mite, and mold. This results in rapid shedding of hair and also unpleasant odors. You don’t want to go around wearing a coat with hundreds of living organisms crawling in it. For this reason, it is vital to get your fur coat cleaned.


Use the Right Hangars


Fur coats are a fashion symbol all over the world. People invest a tremendous amount of money in them. Designer made fur garments are expensive and need proper care during in and off-season. In winter, when you regularly need to wear the coat, you must hang it on a strong and thick plastic hanger. This ensures that the shape of the collar and shoulders is maintained. Moreover, the hanger should have proper padding, or else marks will appear on the fur where it touches.


Store It with A Furrier


As soon as the winter is over, you must pay attention to the storage of your fur coats. How will you know it’s time to store them away? Well, that’s easy. You must store them away when you think it is too hot to wear them.


Keeping the coat packed in your closet is not called storing. Contact a proper storage facility where a furrier will first inspect your coat, repair it if necessary, clean it, and then put it away in a cold environment. This will preserve the fur and increase its life. If you store fur coats this way, they can be passed down generations with all the fur still intact and looking pretty.


Advantages of a Furrier


Here are 3 advantages of putting your fur coats in proper storage:



  1. Cold Storage


Storing your fur coats at low temperatures is the best option. Most people do not have cold storage options in their homes, so they must send their coats off to a cold storage facility. This decreases the molecular activity in the fur, so it degrades slower. Also, the natural oils evaporate at a lesser rate at low temperatures. These oils are necessary to ensure the longevity of fur coats.


  1. Humidity level


Along with temperature, you must also maintain the humidity levels in which fur is stored. Less humid environments lead to faster evaporation of the natural oils. Once that happens, it isn’t possible to recover those oils by artificial means. The optimal humidity level for the storage of fur is around 50%.


  1. Protection from Dust


Another reason why you should properly store your fur coats is that they remain protected from dust particles in the environment. Dust sticks to the fur and causes it to weaken and eventually shed away. Other particles in the air can also cause harm to the fur and cause it to biodegrade rapidly.




We cannot further stress the importance of cleaning and storage for your fur coats. Furs are prized possessions for people, and they take great pride in owning them. If you are a fur coat owner, you must learn how to take care of them smartly.

Check out our storage services here. We provide free fur pickup within 50 miles. Fur coats are expensive but can be worth the money and have a very long life if you take proper care of them. Learn more about how to maintain real fur coats here. Also, read about our cleaning process here and book an appointment for your fur coat right now as it deserves your care