Black White Mink Fur Coat White Fox Fur Trim Black Leather Feathers



I have a knack for fashionable looks. I live in Denver,Colorado. It is not really known for it’s fashion. Don’t get me wrong. There are fashion conscious individuals who live there. It is just not a fashion priority city. We are a casual bunch in Denver,but we have our moments. It is really during winter that we shine in terms of our fashion presentation. Denver winters are naturally cold. We are centered in the middle of mountain ranges. The cold air is wind tunneled down range to us. The mile high city has its disadvantages at times(albeit very few disadvantages). I consider my fur coats to be a bulwark against the frigid temperatures and wind conditions we encounter during Denver winters. My black white mink fur coat with white fox fur trim and black leather feathers is such a coat. I purchased this trendy item from Marc Kaufman Furs. Like I said,winter evenings in Denver,Colorado is the perfect season and time to up your fashionable status.