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Bloomingdales Macy’s Fur Storage Customers

We will be happy to accommodate the Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s Fur Storage Customers, Since Macy’s and Bloomindales are no longer accepting furs for cold fur storage, cleaning or repairs.

Fur Storage Fur Cleaning

Fur Storage Since 1870

We have increased our cold fur storage vault capacity to accommodate their abandoned customers. In addition we have increased the size of our cleaning facility in order for us to properly clean and maintain your precious fur coat of jacket.

Fur storage

Cold fur storage

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cold Storage Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cold Storage Marc Kaufman Furs

Over 150 Years of Expert Fur Service

A fur coat exposed to heat and humidity will be slightly stiffer as it ages, since it’s leather has lost some of its natural oils and dried out a bit. Eventually this drying will lead to cracking of the leather and excessive fur loss due to shedding.

Protect your investment, store your fur coat with a professional furrier every summer. Professional Fur Storage NYC and Fur Cleaning NY:

Fur cleaning and storage

Fur cleaning and storage time is here. Fur Cleaning and Glazing is process of bringing out the natural luster and sheen of a fur after it has been cleaned. It involves a steaming and ironing process that differs with each type of fur. Glazing will restore the life, luster and beauty of your garment.

Our Fur cleansing process is performed by hand uses,  We clean  with a mild biodegradable solution delicately sprayed into the fur by our professional fur cleaner. The cleaning solution, carefully removes dirt and excess oil from the coat. This process is the safest and most efficient way of cleaning your fur. Expert Fur Cleaning NYC in Shearling Fur and Expert in Shearling Alterations and Repair.

A moth infestation can happen to a fur coat as well as any cloth item in your closet. A special Fur cleaning moth removal process is required to eliminate the breeding of these insects.

We Do Not Tumble or Drum Your Fur In Our Cleaning Process.

Since Macy’s and Bloomingdales no longer provides fur service,  we will gladly pick up your fur coat of jacket from storage within 50 miles of NYC.


Since 1870 The Marc Kaufman Fur family has been designing quality fur coats for women and men. We have a large selection of designer fur coats and fur jackets at wholesale pricing. Full length designer coats, designer mink coats, fur jackets, fox coats, fox jackets, sable coats, and sable strollers.

Marc Kaufman Furs Specialty

We specialize in fur storage, fur cleaning, repairs and remodeling. For the softest in furs we have the finest Chinchilla trimmed mink coats, chinchilla coats, chinchilla jackets, lynx coats.

Store your fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing it for the season or not using it. This is one of the most important steps you can take in preserving your furs. There are no rules or set dates in regard to when furs should be stored. Whenever it is warm enough outside to be done wearing a fur coat for the season is when you should put it in storage. By the same token, when it is cold enough to justify wearing a fur (depending on your furs individual level of warmth) bring it home from storage. (Usually when it is cold enough to wear a winter jacket, it is time to put on your mink coat). The more time a fur is in cold storage, the longer it will last. Professional Cold Storage facilities should have the following characteristics:

50-55° Fahrenheit is optimal, but any temperature under 56° is worthwhile. Moth and Vermin Free

Enjoy your shopping experience at Marc Kaufman Furs, NYC . The Best Place to Shop in New York City for Furs.

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