Burgundy Mink Fur Jacket Mink Hood 556


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Mars is my ruling planet in terms of the zodiac. You may or may not invest any belief in astrological matters. I can see where there may be some commonality in terms of behavioral traits amongst groups of people born within a certain calendar time frame. Fir instance,I love the color red. I just do. Mars is called the red planet. Is it coincidence or convergence? I do not know for sure. But it is interesting to contemplate possibilities. Speaking of red,I now own a beautiful burgundy mink fur jacket with mink fur hood. It is my latest acquisition from Marc Kaufman Furs. I own quite a few fur coats from Marc Kaufman Furs. Their quality is unsurpassed. I wonder if they were born in my zodiac sign.




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Mink Fur

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Fur Jacket