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Cardi B and Jlo Are Majestic In Furs

All Hail The Queens of Fur

JLO Jennifer Lopez Rocks Marc Kaufman Fur For Hustlers Movie

Cardi B And JLO Are Fur Queens. JLO Jennifer Lopez Rocks Marc Kaufman Golden Island Fox Fur For Hustlers Movie.

Cardi B and JLO are fur queens. Both A listers rocked New York City this past week of April,2019. JLO shut it down on the set of her new movie with Cardi B “HUSTLERS”. The movie is based on the true story of a trio of strippers that fleeced rich wall street types at Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Club in New York City. Jennifer Lopez rocked a Marc Kaufman Furs original full length golden isle fox fur coat on the set of the movie.


JLO snuggling with Constance Wu wearing a fabulous lynx stroller.

Cardi B And JLO Are Fur Queens

Cardi B And JLO Are Fur Queens

JLo Lynx Coat

JLO Lynx Coat Constance Wu

In the same week, Cardi B adorned a smoking hot statement-making fur coat for an event in New York City in 60 plus degree weather. It was for the BeautyCon event held in New York City. Both ladies ran afoul of fringe activist group PETA. In the end, it only did not matter. Jennifer and Cardi rocked the New York City entertainment and fashion realms.


New York City Fur Industry Is Alive and Well

The fur industry in New York City, the United States of America the world, is alive and well. The fur industry in New York City alone contributed 400 million to the cities bottom line for 2018. Fringe groups such as PETA have attempted to paint the fur trade as a business in decline. They cite designer brands have been forced to abandon their fur manufacturing due to the ongoing harassment and vilification from the PETA group. They fail to mention that this is not the same as killing customer demand. Customer demand for fur related products is strong as ever and growing. Baby boomers to millennials continue to purchase fur coats and fur related products for their practicality and overall aesthetic. There is no end to this classic accessory that has been around and sought after for centuries.




Marc Kaufman Furs: Furrier Amongst Furriers

Where did Jlo buy Fox Coat

JLO Jennifer Lopez Fox Fur Coat

Canadian Lynx Coat as Seen in Hustlers Movie JLO

Canadian Lynx Coat as Seen in Hustlers Movie JLO

Marc Kaufman Furs has provided the best in fur design and production for nearly 150 years. They are five generations strong. They have serviced all manner of clients from royalty to commoner for the past three centuries. Marc Kaufman Furs is the furrier of choice for countless celebrities. JLO needed a statement fur for the movie Hustlers with Cardi B. As a result their wardrobe staff reached out to Marc Kaufman Furs which found this perfect golden island fox coat. Their flagship store located at 212 West 30th Street, New York, New York,10001. Marc Kaufman has an online global sales store that never sleeps.


Don’t believe the hype. Fur is here to stay. Seek out Marc Kaufman Furs for all of your fur related needs.


J Lo poses Fox Fur Coat Vanity Fair



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