Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

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Lady Gaga Is A Walking Red Carpet

Gaga For Fur

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

Lady Gaga is the reigning queen of fur. There is little substantive proof to refute this. Alone,she is a force of nature unlike any other. Her arrival onto the music and entertainment scene was immediately transformational. Gaga brought with her a style of musicality and presence rarely borne witness to. It was meteoric. However,this particular meteor never lost its apogee. It continued to sail the heights of the entertainment realm. Gaga still does to this day. Her music has affected an entire generation. Her fans are legion and defy a specific demography. Her music is the stuff of legend. Her creative force shows no sign of diminishing. Lady Gaga has now entered the acting sphere. Her acclaimed performance in the remake of a Star Is Born bears proof of life for her newly birthed thespian side. Along with her eccentric,creative side,is her eclectic fashionista presence. Her love of all things fashionably extreme and statement worthy precedes her. Her love of fur fashion precedes her as well.


The Gaga Fur Effect

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

There has been a definitive Lady Gaga fur effect. Where a few celebrities are targeted and subsequently refrain from the use of real fur coats,Gaga goes all with her fur presence. She has a teflon appeal to her burgeoning fan base. This appeal is resistant to any criticism she may encounter from fringe activist groups regarding the use of real fur. The Gaga effect is real,so is the fur she wears. Gaga has many fur sides. Her varied fur styles are as numerous as her discography.


Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

There are no substitutes for real talent or real fur. Both have attributes that simply can not be replicated in a laboratory. Lady Gaga is a unique talent that wears uniquely designed furs. Few furriers have the talent to design and produce such fur coats. Marc Kaufman Furs ranks as one of the primary furriers in the world.

Marc Kaufman Furs Reigns Supreme

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Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen. Marc Kaufman Furs

Marc Kaufman Furs reigns supreme amongst the global furrier elite. They have presided over the design and production of some of the best fur product in existence. For nearly 150 years, the Marc Kaufman Furs way has had a multi generational impact on the fur loving,global consumer base. They have serviced thousand of fur clients world wide. The reign of Marc Kaufman Furs continues to this day. Their flagship store is located in the United States. Their address is 212 west 30th street,New York,New York,10001. When you consider your next exquisite fur piece,come to Marc Kaufman Furs. Better yet, utilize their online store from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to be Lady Gaga to shop Marc Kaufman Furs.

It doesn’t hurt to be “gaga” for furs though.

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