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Choosing The Best Fur For Yourself

Choosing fur is no less than choosing a car. You have to be very vigilant while investing your money because, like cars, fur coats are quite expensive and unaffordable at times. We try to get our hands on the best fur coats.

When you invest such a significant amount in merchandise, you expect a lot more from it than just performing its primary function. The same is the case with furs. They are multi-functional. They keep us warm against the harsh winter weather and also enhance our looks and styling. Therefore, due to their multiple functionalities and ability to maintain a balance between comfort and style, people tend to invest their money in fur coats.

However, before you start to choose fur coats for yourself, you need to sort out a few essential questions. Will you be wearing it in the arid dense winter climate of North Dakota? Or will you wear it while strolling in the streets of New York? These answers will decide the type of fur that you should buy for yourself. To check out out vast collection of fur coats, visit our website.

Some people pay more attention to selecting their fur color while others look for specific patterns or textures to enhance their fur coats’ look. The following guide will help you choose the best fur for yourself.

Mink Fur

Mink is one of the most popular furs. These furs ooze a feeling of glamour and beauty. Mink furs are extremely soft and delicate. The guard hair is very silky to the touch. Apart from their softness and delicate feeling, mink furs are very lightweight, and you will barely realize that you are wearing a genuine fur coat. If you are searching for something super soft and comfortable to wear, mink fur is for you. You can check our website for mink coats.

When you consider investing in mink fur, you should know whether the skins are of female or male minks. Because the female minks’ skins are better. Since they have hair and leather that is finer than that of the male minks. These lines embark a soft and shiny look on the fur coat.

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat 

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat 

Image alt text: A woman wears a classic blackglama mink coat

Fox Fur

The silver fox fur, the white fox fur, and the red fox fur are the most famous fox furs. The fox furs are soft and shiny that will make you the centre of attention in the crowd. In contrast to mink furs, we do not determine the quality and nature of fox furs’ skin by comparing the genders. The colour and quality of hair of fox furs determine their worth.

Chinchilla Fur

This kind of fur is quite cherished and appreciated for its vibrant and glamorous tone of colors. The chinchilla furs have a unique tone of dark colors like greys and blues. They are commonly available in the colors like beige, shadow, black velvet, violet, and grey. Chinchilla furs have a very soft coat and delicate leather. If you are planning to buy comfy wear, chinchilla fur will not disappoint you.

Emerald Green Chinchilla Horizontal Fur Jacket

Emerald Green Chinchilla Horizontal Fur Jacket

Image alt text: A woman dons a stylish emerald green chinchilla horizontal fur jacket

 Sable Fur

The sable fur is perhaps the best among all the fur varieties out there. Its coat is extraordinarily light and warm. These are the most expensive type of fur coats. They are glamorous, elegant and also a source of being in the limelight. According to research, the best quality of sable furs belong to Russia that also exports the best quality of sable furs.

Furthermore, you can also find sable furs in North American regions or Canada. However, there is an evident difference in the sable furs’ quality. If you want to look graceful and put on a rich look, sable fur coats should be your ultimate choice.

Lynx Fur

Lynx fur coats are among the most valuable and one of the most expensive coats in the world. The lynx furs include the utilization of white-coloured and spotted parts of the animal skin. This pattern is extracted from the animals’ bellies. The lynx furs are known for their seductive and captivating looks. If you want to embrace an elegant yet luxurious look, lynx furs coats are the best choice for you.

Magnificent Canadian Lynx Coat

Magnificent Canadian Lynx Coat

Image alt text: A woman wears a trendy Canadian lynx coat

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit furs are super soft and are available in a variety of colors. The softness of rabbit fur is similar to the softness of mink fur. Moreover, rabbit furs are quite affordable that allow people to get their hands on fur coats easily without going penniless. In addition, these furs provide warmth and coziness, and you can easily protect yourself from the cold while wearing a rabbit fur coat. Most people tend to forget about rabbit fur while thinking of real furs. Click here to buy a rabbit fur coat.

Lamb Fur

For people who are thinking about genuine fur coats at an affordable price, lamb fur is the right choice. However, many people don’t even consider buying sheep fur coats because of their unpopularity. But, when you search for short-length furs that offer a unique wavy look, sheep fur can be a brilliant option. Sheep fur is relatively heavier than numerous other fur coats. Due to which it offers maximum warmth in the cold weather, making it ideal for individuals in colder environments. One of the most famous sheep fur coats is a shearling coat. The wool is sheared down to reduce the bulkiness. Click here to order a lamb fur coat for yourself.

Gray Persian Coat Fox Collar

Gray Persian Coat Fox Collar

Image alt text: A woman dons a grey Persian coat with fox collar

Raccoon Fur

Most people don’t usually consider raccoon fur while buying fur coats. Racoon fur is thick, delicate, and warm, which guarantees you protection against the cold winds. Because of their unique color, raccoon furs give an incredible look. From long fur coats to fur edges on other coats, they provide a wide variety of furs.

Styling Your Fur Coat

The styling of fur coats varies extensively, which defines your entire look. Once you have decided on a particular type of fur coat for yourself, the next step is to choose your fur coat style. The most common styling options in fur coats include:

The three-quarter length

As the name suggests, the three-quarter length elongates till your calf , leaving an eternal glamourous look on you.

Stroller Coats

Stroller coats go below your knees. They are ideal for wearing at formal parties and gatherings.

Seven-Eighth Length coats

Seven-eighth length are long fur coats but they are not the longest. These fur coats cover your mid-calf. They cover the seven-eighth of the garments you wear.


These are the longest coats and are sometimes dragged on the surface as well. These coats cover the whole body, from shoulders to ankles. If you want your coat’s warmth from head to toe, these are the ideal coats for you.


There are various types of fur coats, and everyone wants the best fur coats for themselves but before investing your money in furs, you must acknowledge yourself with all the information related to furs. People buy fur coats while considering their personality and gatherings they have to attend. For instance, musicians and singers usually go for bright shiny colors whereas, brides and royals opt for a more sophisticated and elegant look for their fur coats. Regardless, of their styling and quality, fur coats leave a graceful and dignified look on people. We, at Marc Kaufman, have a wide variety of fur coats. You can visit our website and order a fur coat for yourself now.