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Fur Vs. Faux: The History of Furs

Fur in ancient times has been a symbol of pride, prestige, and money. It still continues to serve the same purpose because acquiring fur is not an easy thing to do. For thousands of centuries, fur was known as the “contagious magic,” it was a way to keep oneself warm. It was a fashion statement, a way to show your economic status. Fur vs faux, the history of furs. It was a family ornament that was passed down generations in families. In fact, we will explore the real history behind fur and faux fur in the blog. So if you have ever scratched your head wondering who figured out how to make use of fur as an ornament, then you are in the right place. Keep reading, and you will find out.

When we say fur used to be contagious magic, it means hunters back in the day used to believe that if they wore an animal’s fur, they would create for themselves a special relationship with that particular animal.

“…that in ceremony, meditation, and dreams they ‘become’ their chosen animal.”- Graham Harvey (1997)

The hunters back then really believe in the above quote, so if they wore the fur of a cheetah, perhaps they will be guided through the journey of life with the cheetah’s speed and intelligence.

Cognac Persian Lamb stroller Fox Collar
Cognac Persian Lamb stroller Fox Collar

Where It All Began

It starts from ancient Egypt, where the King and the high priest were allowed to wear furs like the mink fur, the chinchilla fur, and lynx fur, which were the most expensive and unique ones. Furthermore, during the 11th century, nobles and wealthy people started to wear fur as well. Even the lower class husbands went as far as mortgaging their homes to get their wives fur. However, the upper class had stipulated laws to prohibit the lower class from obtaining some high-end furs; subsequently, they were only wearing rodent, otter, and fox fur.

Technological Changes in the Fur Industry and The Rise Of Faux Fur

In the 19th century, with technical advancement, fur manufacturing rose. With mass production and manufacturing, the rich people were still the only ones grabbing them. Fur vs faux, the history of furs. That is why, to cater to the less wealthy, the fur industry started manufacturing fur coats that were merely trimmed with fur so that the lower class can start buying them. Entering the 1950’s the production of fur coats was at its peak; there were many furs available in the market, with the mink fur being the most expensive.

The Beginning of Faux Fur

Back in the day, women were pressured to look their best and represent social status. They were buying fur to compete. Their self-worth was depending on the price tag of the fur coat they were wearing. However, some people did not understand why they were purchasing such expensive items to look rich; hence some companies started catering to those who wanted to look great but did not want to spend too much. Thus, began the manufacturing of what we now faux fur.

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Faux Fur as a Whole Industry

Faux fur, which is fake fur, is made with pile fabric. It is a looping yarn technique that designers use while making textiles like corduroy and velvet. As technology was advancing, so was the manufacturing of these fake furs. Faux fur started to resemble the characteristics of real furs. After a few years, fake fur replicated mink, chinchilla, seal, raccoon furs. Some had more success than others to look more natural. Fur vs faux, the history of furs. During wartime, the country imposed heavy taxes on fur, which temporarily halted any production of real fur, giving more popularity to faux fur.

What Are The Types of Faux Fur?

Furthermore, the most popular kind of faux fur is the rabbit fur, fox fur, faux shearling, sheepskin, and the Sherpa. When it comes to luxury faux fur, they look like real mink fur, sable fur, lynx fur, chinchilla fur, marten, and leopard furs. If you want to get your hands on to something heavy, then perhaps wolf and husky faux furs would do.

Zuki Sheared Beaver Stroller Chinchilla Collar Butterflies 56789

Zuki Sheared Beaver Stroller Chinchilla Collar Butterflies 56789

Faux Fur Fabric Type

Artificial fur looks like the real deal. Each fabric has a different type of fur, which varies from the length and the softness. The naps look different, which means that the direction of the pile is in a certain direction. It is important to follow the nap when sewing the faux fur. The range in the market today includes the following.

  • Long pile
  • Medium pile
  • Short pile also called low pile

The above three are very popular in faux fur and come in many different shapes, sizes, and multicolor.

Real Fur vs. Fake Fur

No matter how cheap or expensive the faux fur gets, it still does not cut the real deal. It cannot quench your thirst for having real fur. If you have an exquisite taste like most of our clientele, then faux fur will not do you any good. Furthermore, you won’t have that good night’s sleep knowing you have fake fur hanging in your closet while all your friends are wearing and flaunting real fur. Real fur just cannot be replaced by a garment made of plastic.

Further on Fake Fur vs. Real Fur

Fake fur does not feel as smooth to the touch. It does not feel great against your skin as much as real fur does. They look fake to a critical and an expert eye; hence wearing one may even embarrass you.

While faux fur does not need regular maintenance, real furs do. It means that they are of esteem quality and need a lot of loving and pampering to survive for long.

Nevertheless, with the mass production of cheaper faux fur, yes, you may get your hands on them, but you will never achieve the same look like the one that comes off while wearing real fur. Real fur is a crucial investment for many families. You would not want your husband to gift you fake fur that comes off as a substandard gift, would you? Hence real fur coats are perfect gifts too, that are passed down generations to come if preserved well.  You can read more about how to care for your furries on our website.


The use of fur dates back to 170,000 years ago. It is fashionable, classic, a status symbol, and a valuable asset in the family even today. It will remain the same for many years to come. With the mass production of faux fur in the industry, it still does not take away the importance and value of these real fur coats rocking in the markets today. People still look out for authentic fur in the shape of fur coats and other fur accessories.

If you are one of them, then you are at the right place. We know all too well that buying a fur coat is like adopting a child; it needs your care and love; most importantly, you need to buy the right kind of fur coat. If you want further help and information, please visit our website, and we will be happy to help you. Moreover, check out our vast collection of fur coats here.