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Marc Kaufman Fur Storage and Fur Cleaning

It is that time of year. The vernal equinox (Spring) has arrived. Now is the time of year to have your precious fur coat and fur accessories cleaned by specialists. The winter was harsh in many regions of the United States. It most cases, it certainly has taken a toll on the wear and tear of your fur coats and fur accessories. Cleaning and care of your fur coats and fur accessories is of primary importance now.

Fur cleaning and storage

Fur cleaning and storage time is here

Marc Kaufman Furs is one of the premiere furriers globally. Five generations of fur expertise for nearly a century and a half guarantees the highest degree of competency in fur coat cleaning and care.

Marc Kaufman Furs offers a variety of fur cleaning services.  Same day, rush cleaning and special moth cleaning process is also available. Fur cleaning is done on premises by professional, certified furriers.


Contact Marc Kaufman Furs for all of your fur coat and fur accessory needs. Also,check out the Marc Kaufman Furs global website for all of your fur coat and fur accessory needs.