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The Guilford section of Baltimore, Maryland has been my home for two years now. I moved there from Boston, Massachusetts with a sense of adventure in mind. The week before my move,I purchased my beautiful Marc Kaufman Furs demi brown whiskey mink directional fur jacket. This was to be my signature fashion piece as I moved about inner harbor’s trendiest bistros and entertainment centers in Baltimore. This jacket fits me like a velvet glove. I am both warm and fashionable,all at once. It helps being a young, single professional with a taste for the classic things in life. My whiskey mink is a hit with the guys at Reisterstown Sportsplex. I am envied(and loved ) by my girlfriends at the Saute Restaurant whenever I wear my Marc Kaufman Furs mink jacket. I am glad I moved my life. My fur made it easier.

“Go out on the limb. That is where the fruit is” – Jimmy Carter


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