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Erykah Badu Flaunts Fur Assets

Figure For Fur

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Erykah Badu has fur fitness. Since the early years of the stellar neo-soul singer’s career, Erykah Badu has always had a natural affinity for furs.
Fur coats are for everyone.

There are a few personas who stand out in fur coats. They resonate with them.
Erykah Badu is one of those individuals. The performer has a natural appeal in furs. Her model-like figure and movement in fur coats are a thing to behold. Her performances alone are mesmerizing without the fashion element. However, when outfitted, Erykah assumes the status of sublime grace. In several on-stage appearances, Erykah Badu has regaled audiences with song and visually stunned with the occasional fur presence. Erykah Badu has fur fitness.


Walk The Walk

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Functional, appealing fashion is more than conceptual. It is a real thing. Fashion concepts abound; only a few make it to mainstream appeal. Few outerwear elements are as desired and versatile as fur coats. Fur coats have survived the ravages of time and the romantic appeal trends of consumers. However, only a few have managed to publicize them in all of their pristine glory.

Erykah Badu has. She walks the walk. Erykah has a model presence on top of being a phenomenal vocal presence and artist. She has graced quite a few fashion publications of note over the years. Major design houses such as Ralph Lauren have coveted her presence in their fashion creations. Premiere photographers such as Helmut Lang have sought her editorial presence. Fur fashion was a recurring theme she found. She was a natural for it. Fur seemed to envelop her and take on an organic luminescence around her. The fur coat was an exact fit with Erykah Badu.


Surviving the Times

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Since the heady days of the fashionable ’90s, Erykah Badu has retained her love of the fur coat and all things fur. She can be seen often in wintery months sporting any number of fashionably appealing fur coats. Her iconic fashion presence felt in entertainment spheres. Erykah set a standard. She was a neo-soul pioneer that laid the groundwork for future explorers. She set a fur fashion standard that has resonated throughout the years as well. With a collection of furs that would astound the most ardent of collectors, one could only imagine which furrier she would trust to maintain them. Her designated go to furrier is Marc Kaufman Furs.


Marc Kaufman Furs Provides

Nicki Minaj Has Strong Fur Game Marc Kaufman Furs

Marc Kaufman Furs is a global furrier phenomenon. Their longevity(nearly 150 years and counting) attests to their excellence in fur design and production. They have serviced thousands of satisfied fur lovers around the world. The celebrity enclave utilizes the Marc Kaufman Furs expertise from design and manufacturing to storage and upkeep of their prized fur outerwear. Erykah Badu is but one such celebrated figure to call upon Marc Kaufman Furs for their expert fur maintenance and storage services. It makes sense. The best will almost always seek out the best. Marc Kaufman Furs flagship location is 212 west 30th street, New York, New York,10001. Their online sales store is active 24 hours a day every day of the year. Your fur coat needs and desires fulfilled with Marc Kaufman Furs. They walk the walk.


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