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Everything you need to know about real fur

The fur is the most elegant and timeless material that can be worn as either winter coats, winter shoes, or worn as accessories draped around your bag or phone covers. These natural materials go way back in time and have been a source of warm clothing and fashion statement. About 170,000 years ago, people started to wear real fur in order to survive the merciless winters of the north. Ever since then, they are a prized possession that has elegance and class associated with them. Nevertheless, today in the modern world, the use of fur has become more popular as it is worn on formal occasions and is also worn as casual wear. here is everything you need to know about real fur.

So if you have planned a brunch with your friends on a winter Sunday, you can wear your favorite fur coat and stand out in the crowd. There are many types of real fur coats that you can enjoy wearing, but all of them require a lot of care and conditioning; otherwise, they will lose their true beauty. Do you want your furs to look bad while we wear them? Perhaps not.

Word of advice

Buying a fur coat is like adopting a baby. It needs your love and attention. If you are one of those people who buy expensive things and squeeze them in the closet then, they are not your cup of tea. Before you venture out to buy a fur ornament, whether it be a fur coat, a fur jacket,  fur shawl, etc., you need to know whatever you are buying is it authentic, or is it fake? Real fur and faux fur can look alike. If you are an amateur, you won’t be able to tell the difference. But with the help of this blog, you can understand how to watch for overpriced faux fur. We don’t want to spend too much money on fake fur, do we?

Canadian Lynx Stroller

Canadian Lynx Stroller

Image alt text: A woman wears a Canadian lynx stroller

Is it real fur?

The market is full of faux fur. The non furrier may sale you faux fur coat in the name of natural fur coat. These fake furs have become so refine that they look and feel extremely real and you may easily get deceived. However, suppose your goal is to only lookout for the real fur ornaments like fur coats. In that case, you should read below to understand what are the tricks and tips to determine whether the fur you are looking at is real or not.

Touch test: It is the most straightforward tell-tale trick that you can do. Touch the fur; it should feel soft regardless of the ornament it is. Moreover, fake fur is rough to the touch and is not as soft as one would like. They usually are made with plastic, polyester, or acrylic, which are nowhere near as good as natural fur. Hence make use of your fingers by running through the fur.

Label Test: Check the label inside the coat or any other ornament. Usually, the label tells the truth. Hence if it’s original, it should mention the country of origin and the brand name. This is a tell-tale sign that the fur you are buying is all original and useful. Look out for fur ornaments that do not have any tags on them. They are often a red flag.

Hair test: If your fur coat is real, the hair will taper off to a very thin point. The feel of real fur is very soft and starts from the thick hair and ends off with thin hair. Rest assured that fur is real.

Burn test: This is an undeniable tell-tale sign; nevertheless, we would never recommend you to do it unless you are allowed to do so and are in a safe place. You could take out your fur ornaments’ hair and light fire on them; if they smell like burnt hair, you are dealing with real fur. However, If the fur smells like plastic, you are conned by the seller. here is everything you need to know about real fur. Preferably, you should check the fur article before buying it.

Lining test: It is another big give-away sign. Nevertheless, we would not recommend that you try this, especially in a store and while you have not even purchased the fur item. Often, fur coats come in zippers and have specific openings that let you touch the coat’s inside lining. However, in some cases, there are no openings, so what do you do then? Hence you may need to cut your beautiful coat. If the fur coat is made from actual fur or animal pelts, you will feel a smooth leather underbelly.

Keep in mind these tricks and tips before making any purchase. We wouldn’t want you to waste your money.

Pink Chinchilla Horizontal Jacket 4838

Pink Chinchilla Horizontal Jacket 4838

Image alt text: A woman dons a stylish pink chinchilla horizontal jacket

Types of fur coats

The fur industry has probably been the most ancient fashion industry there has ever been. For a long, it has been a symbol of class and wealth. There are too many types of fur around us, and the industry has so much more to offer us.

Here are a few common types of natural furs.

Mink fur: Mink fur is the purest and highest quality fur available that is very lightweight and it is also the most durable and can last decades if cared well. You can always tell it apart from others as it comes in jaw-dropping shades of brown.

Sable Fur: this is the fur that stands out for its look and feels. You can tell that you are touching sable fur because it’s very silky and soft. It usually is available in lighter shades, such as either in golden or red-ish brown.

Chinchilla: These are the most expensive furs that you can get your hands on out there. It is because they are very dense. Moreover, they work very well to keep you warm. If there is a relentless winter and you still want to rock your look, always go for the chinchilla fur coat available in blue-ish grey color.

Fox fur: If you are an orange lover, fox fur is for you. here is everything you need to know about real fur. Subsequently, they are in abundant supply as you can find fox population just about anywhere in the world. The hair on a fox fur coat is longer than any other coat; hence it is straightforward to tell whether it is a real fox fur or a fake one.

Lynx fur: If you get your hands on a lynx coat, you are a lucky person. It is because they are scarce to find. They often come in white color with grey spotting on them, and it is one of the most expensive furs to own.

Oatmeal Mist Alpaca Jacket Fox Trim Size Medium 8484

Oatmeal Mist Alpaca Jacket Fox Trim Size Medium 8484

Image alt text: A woman wears an oatmeal mist alpaca jacket fox trim


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