Fox Headbands

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Green Fox Fur Ear Muffs

Emerald Green Fox Ear Muffs 3034

Silver Fox Fur Ear Muffs

Silver Fox Earmuffs 4630

Blue Print Blue Fox Fur Ear Muffs

Slate Blue Fox Ear Muffs 0214

Blue Fox Fur Headband

Slate Blue Fox Headband 0132

Dark Red Fox Fur Ear Muffs

Dark Red Fox Fur Earmuffs 0125

Dark Red Fox Fur Headband

Dark Red Fox Headband 0125

Green Fox Fur Headband

Emerald Green Fox Headband 0126

Navy Blue Fox Fur Headband

Navy Blue Fox Headband 0122

Pink Fox Fur Ear Muffs

Pink Fox Fur Earmuffs 0212

Pink Fox Fur Headband

Pink Fox Headband 0130

Silver FoxFur Headband

Silver Fox Headband 0134

Black Fox Fur Bubble Hat

Black Fox Fur Bubble Hat 5211

Crystal Fox Fur Hat

Crystal Fox Fur Hat 5212


Fox Headbands Fur Hats

Feel extra exceptional wearing any one of these pretty real 100% real fur headbands. Choose from a large variety of mink fur, fox, rex rabbit fur, beaver, coyote, raccoon fur, and more. The fox fur is a long time favorite fur, and it looks excellent in a fur headband.

For a more formal look, we suggest a mink fur headband; they look elegant, will keep your ears very warm, and make a statement in the color of your choice. Among the fur headbands, black fox and Crystal fox are top sellers. They are natural, undyed, and very popular. For everyday wear and a color that goes with all things in your wardrobe, try our fox hats. Keep your ears warm and your hair looking great by wearing a fur headband this winter.

Real fur accessories brighten up your mood & look on even the dullest of days. From fur wraps & shawls, scarves, to earmuffs, you’re sure to find the perfect cold-weather companion. These Fur Clothing Accessories made in several fur types and colors that will go great with anything! Whether you’re looking for a fur headband to keep your head warm or to accentuate that fancy work outfit.