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Here’s Why You Should Love a Real Fur Coat!

Fur is a timeless and elegant material worn as winter coats, winter shoes, or accessories draped around your bag or phone covers. These natural materials have long been used as a source of warm clothing and a fashion statement. Here’s why you should love a real fur coat!

People began to wear real fur about 170,000 years ago to survive the harsh northern winters. Since then, they have become a prized possession associated with elegance and class. Nonetheless, in today’s world, the use of fur has grown in popularity, as it is worn on formal occasions and casually. Nevertheless, everything you need to know about real fur is right here.

Diamond Navy Blue Sable Cape 844747

Diamond Navy Blue Sable Cape 844747

Alt Image Text: A woman wearing a navy blue sable cape

The Most Notable Types Of Fur Coats

The fur industry is likely the oldest fashion industry that has ever existed. Fur coats have been a symbol of wealth and class. There are different kinds of fur to choose from, and the industry has so much more to offer. Here are a few examples of common natural furs.

1. Mink Fur

It is the purest and highest quality fur available, and it is also the lightest and most durable, lasting decades if properly cared for. In addition, it stands out from the crowd because it comes in a variety of stunning brown shades.

2. Sable Fur

This fur is notable for its appearance and feel. Because sable fur is silky and soft, you can tell you’re touching it. In addition, it is typically found in lighter shades, such as golden or reddish-brown.

3. Chinchilla Fur

These are the most expensive furs available on the market. It’s because they’re incredibly dense. Furthermore, they are excellent at keeping you warm. So if the winter is brutal, but you still want to look stylish, the chinchilla fur coat in blue-ish grey color is the way to go.

4. Fox Fur

If you like orange, fox fur is the fur for you. Fox furs are one of the most luxurious yet affordable types. As a result, they are plentiful, as fox populations can be found almost anywhere on the planet. Here’s why you should love a real fur coat. Also, because the hair on a fox fur coat is longer than on any other coat, it is easy to tell whether it is genuine or fake.

5. Lynx Fur

If you can get your hands on a lynx coat, consider yourself lucky. It’s because they’re hard to come by. They’re usually white with grey spots, and they’re one of the most expensive furs to own.

Canadian Lynx Stroller

Canadian Lynx Stroller

Image alt text: A woman wears a Canadian lynx stroller

The Most Notable Advantages Of Real Fur Coats

There are numerous advantages to using real fur rather than artificial materials. Real fur is the best option available on the market. Once you understand the benefits it provides and the nature of the industry, we compiled the top five advantages of wearing real furs in this section. So, without further ado, let us see what they are:

1) Source of Warmth

People prefer real fur to artificial material winter coats for various reasons, one of which is warmth. Windbreakers, Denim jackets, and faux leather coats are just a few examples of synthetic material winter coats. A natural fur coat, on the other hand, provides unrivaled warmth.

2) Timeless Fashion Accessory

Fashion trends are unpredictable, and they can change from year to year. Buying a new coat every year can be costly, and no one wants to be the center of attention at a party wearing an out-of-style coat. Instead, if you’re going to turn heads, you can only do so by investing in genuine fur coats. Even if you wear a fur coat you bought two to three years ago; it will still keep you warm and stylish. It’s something that fake fur coats can’t offer.

3) The Fashionable Option

The most admirable clothing you will find in stores is real fur coats. There are so many types of furs, each with its distinct quality. Grocery runs, lunches, evenings out with friends, date nights, and even family gatherings can all benefit from real fur coats. If you are looking for something to match everything perfectly, go for a natural fur coat. Here’s why you should love a real fur coat. The shearling coat, for example, can be worn to an office lunch when paired with jeans or on a date night when paired with a knee-length skirt. On the other hand, please look at our website for various options if you’re looking for a natural fur coat.

Oatmeal Mist Alpaca Jacket Fox Trim Size Medium 8484

Oatmeal Mist Alpaca Jacket Fox Trim Size Medium 8484

Image alt text: A woman wears an oatmeal mist alpaca jacket

4) Durability

Winter coats may need to be replaced more frequently, but real fur coats can last for years. You might come across brand-new fur coats in your grandmother’s closet. Fur coats can be recycled, restyled, and repurposed multiple times due to their durability and long-lasting qualities. Fur coats, on the other hand, require special care to last longer.

5) Comfortable

Real fur coats and accessories are luxuriously soft, sensual, and lightweight. Real furs have become even lighter and more versatile thanks to new techniques. As a result, real fur coats provide unrivaled coziness both inside and out.

Why Should You Invest In A Fur Coat?

Fur coats can be quite expensive. But don’t dismiss them as a waste of money. On the contrary, the luxurious feel they provide is one of the reasons why people adore them. Fur coats are the epitome of luxury, so it’s an investment that will pay off.

If you’re one of the fortunate few who own one, you’ll be able to elevate your social standing. The simple act of wearing a coat worth thousands of dollars can boost your self-esteem and improve your overall appearance. Isn’t that fantastic?

So, What To Do Now?

Now you understand why some people own fur coats and why others aspire to own one. Here’s why you should love a real fur coat. But aren’t all of these reasons enough to make you fall in love with fur coats and the elegance, style, and glamour they bring? Of course, you’ve heard of fur coats, but after reading this blog, you can make an informed decision about purchasing one for yourself.

Now is the time to look through all of our categories. Then, pick the one that suits you the best! Marc Kaufman has the best fur coat collections that are accessible and affordable. Contact us today and refine your wardrobe!