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How to Put Together a Fur Outfit for Men

People have believed women are the only ones that can truly have fun with fur. However, that could not be farther from the truth. Men certainly have the right to rock a fur coat the same as women. Many might forget this, but many centuries ago, cavemen introduced fur coats to the world. How to put together a fur outfit for men. They brought home pelts that would keep their tribe warm and safe from the extreme cold. Therefore, it is not strange to think men should be allowed to wear fur just like women are.

The fur coat has been a staple in the closet for men for many decades now. For example, in the 1920s, every man who could afford a fur coat certainly had one in their closets. For a long time, fur was a symbol of wealth and social position in the society. However, it has since become an item present in men’s closets, no matter what their social standing is. Many famous men such as Mick Jagger, Miles David, Cam’ron, Drake, Kanye West, and many more have worn fur on multiple occasions.

Many men worry fur makes them look less masculine somehow. But, what they do not realize is that fur can make them look extremely chic and powerful and make them stand out. A good fur coat or jacket can be very flattering on a man. Furthermore, men can wear fur with almost every outfit – casual, formal, chic, or sporty.

If you wish to know how to put together a fur outfit for men, continue reading this blog!

  • Style a Mink Coat

Mink is one of the most sold furs around the world. Because it is so durable and has a soft texture with a unique sheen to it, it has become a favorite fur type amongst many. Moreover, the mink has an incredibly long life and is highly durable.

Men can rock mink just as good as women. For instance, you can style this Blackglamma mink coat with any outfit you have decided to wear. You can pair it with a white tee-shirt, black pants, and a pair of fresh sneakers for a laid-back look. Also, you can pair it with a formal crisp blue shirt and formal pants for a more dressy look.

Blackglamma Men’s Mink Coat Full Length

Blackglamma Men’s Mink Coat Full Length

Image alt text: Man pairs his blackglamma coat with sneakers

  • Style a Sable Coat

Sable is the most expensive kind of fur out there. It has a highly silky pelt that stays smooth no matter how you stroke it. Sable coats are available in every size, long and short. It is undoubtedly one of the most preferred furs by many. Furthermore, it is known for having an elegant and luxurious look to it. How to put together a fur outfit for men. For example, the men’s Russian sable coat in the picture is perfect for nights out. You can pair it with your favorite dressy shirt and fancy pants or jeans with your formal shoes. This outfit would be perfect for a night out at the club or a date in the city! Furthermore, this Russian sable is perfect to wear to a red-carpet event too!

Men’s Russian Sable Coat

Men’s Russian Sable Coat

Image alt text: Man pairs his Russian sable coat with denim

  • Style a Shearling Jacket

Shearling has been worn by men for quite some time now. Taking a look into its history, men who worked in aviation wore Shearling coats and jackets regularly. Indeed, its warm, light and tactile properties helped the American and European pilots a lot. Furthermore, this fur type is worn in the summers, too, as its insulation consists of extensive air pockets, which allow heat to escape in the warm weather.

Shearling jackets have been a staple in the men’s fashion world. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but shearling jackets are incredibly stylish and elegant. For example, this microfiber jacket with a shearling lining is perfect to wear over a sporty outfit. How to put together a fur outfit for men. You can pair it with your favorite shirt and sweats and sneakers, making for the perfect cozy outfit! Furthermore, you can also wear it on top of your work clothes such as a white shirt and dressy pants for a more semi-formal look.

Men’s Microfiber Jacket Shearling Lining

Men’s Microfiber Jacket with Shearling Lining

Image alt text: Man pairs his shearling jacket with denim

  • Style a Men’s Vest

Who says men cannot look good in a vest? If you are looking for a fur vest, this blue iris ranch mink vest is the perfect one for you! For example, you can pair it with your gym shirt and sweats or shorts with your running shoes for a casual, laid-back outfit. Also, you can pair it with your favorite dressy shirt, formal pants, nice shoes, and a watch for the perfect date night outfit. How to put together a fur outfit for men. Indeed, it is one of the most versatile fur items out there. There is no doubt you will be able to turn heads when you are wearing this vest! You will undoubtedly look the chicest in any room you walk into.

Men's Blue Iris Ranch Mink Vest

Men’s Blue Iris Ranch Mink Vest

Image alt text: Man looks chic as he pairs his mink vest with sunglasses


Men have been hesitant about wearing fur for way too long. Fur is not only for women to wear. Men can look equally as stylish, as seen by the different ways you can style fur above. We hope with this blog, men can realize how they can style fur for different looks and start donning more fur outfits from now on. It is time men realized they have the right to a good fur coat or jacket too!

Marc Kaufman Furs has a wide variety of men’s fur coats and jackets you can take a pick from. Visit our website now to browse through our extensive collection available for men. We have all kinds of fur – Mink, Sable, Shearling, Fox, Chinchilla, and much more to choose from. It is time men owned up to their fur roots too!