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How Can You Tell Whether A Fur Coat Is Of Low Quality?

Real fur coats are a symbol of ultimate luxury. They are pretty expensive and hard to come by. How can you tell whether. The market for fur coats is steadily increasing, and more and more people are interested in getting real furs. Part of the reason for this is that real fur coats have another look and feel to them. And as they are pretty expensive, it has become a style statement. So, people with wealth definitely have these coats in their wardrobe.

Moreover, these fur coats, when styled correctly, can turn your most basic outfits into something outstanding. At the same time, they keep you warm in the cold weather. Depending on the fur coat, they can be pretty lightweight even though they look heavy. That is why the industry for real fur coats is beating the faux fur industry. Not to mention, faux fur is bad for the environment. Dune Ives, the executive director of Lonely Whale, stated more than 100,000 marine animals die due to plastic ingestion.

So, as people steadily move towards real fur coats, there are many people that sell poor quality fur coats at the price of an elite quality fur coat. It is why we have compiled a few tips through which you can tell if a fur coat is of good quality or not before you purchase it.

Tips to tell good quality fur coats from bad quality ones

The texture of the fur

The texture of the fur is most probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of differentiating between a good quality fur coat from a bad one. The fur quality of a good fur coat will naturally be silky soft to the touch and will be evenly distributed. A bad quality fur coat, on the other hand, will have clumps of fur and will not feel sift to the touch at all. It will be more towards the rigid side and so, that is the most basic first rule for checking the quality of a fur coat.

If you are looking to buy a used fur coat, always remember that real fur coats can also be of bad quality as they can be damaged over time. Just because someone says that it is a real fur coat doesn’t mean it cannot be a damaged piece. Inspect for any stains and bald spots. The most important parts of the fur coats that you should check are the sleeves, hems, and necklines of the coat. These are the parts that usually come in contact with dirt, food, water, oils, etc., so they should be paid special attention to.

Pre-Owned Brown Sheared Mink Coat

Pre-Owned Brown Sheared Mink Coat

Alt image text: A woman wears a stylish brown sheared mink coat for a classy look

Pelt and lining of the coat

As much as the fur quality of the coat is important, the interior of the coat is just as important, and you should be sure to check it as well. Be sure to check the pelt under the fur to see if it is damaged or not. The pelt should be evenly sized and properly sewn together to maintain a smooth texture. Also, pull the fur apart from the top to get a good look at the pelt underneath. Check the lining of the coat, which will be along the seams of the coat. If it has a French hem, then it will be easy to slide your hand in and check it.

When looking for a used coat, you should check even more thoroughly than a new one. If the previous owner did not take good care of the coat, there are fair chances that it will be damaged.

Chinchilla Fur Jacket

Warm chinchilla fur jacket.

Chinchilla Fur Jacket

Alt image text: A woman dons chinchilla fur jacket with black jeans

Leather-fur ratio

Fur coats don’t contain leather except on the interior or just as some finishing touches. As it is a fur coat, obviously there should be more fur than leather. However, if you are looking for a coat with more leather than fur, then you can check accordingly. However, it won’t really be considered a fur coat then as it is mostly leather. But if you want a fur coat, then be sure that there is more than the leather.

You should also keep in mind that if a coat has more leather than fur, it is highly likely that the fur will be low quality and sometimes, not even real fur. So, it would be better for you to go and purchase it from a store you trust or check our website.

Black Shearling Jacket

Men’s Black Shearling Jacket

Black Shearling Jacket

Alt image text: A man wears a stylish black shearling jacket, proving that men also love fur coats

Coat was made in _____?

You need to ask this question so you can determine the quality of the coat based on the answer. China makes poor quality coats, and you’ll find them at very cheap rates too. In contrast, better quality coats are made in North America and Europe. Naturally, they cost much expensive.

Keeping that in mind, you can get some idea of the quality of the coat, but this question won’t just be enough. It is better to check out the coat yourself as well. Don’t just rely on one means of finding out.

Silver Fox Poncho

Silver Fox Poncho

Silver Fox Poncho

Alt image text: A woman wears an elegant silver fox poncho

Brand of coat

It is pretty important to check as most people blindly trust branded stores and whatever they sell. While that is true for most cases, it is still not a good enough reason to not check the coat. Ask them the right questions like we have mentioned above and check the texture and lining of the coat. Most branded stores won’t deceive their customers. They will tell you the truth about the fur coat if is of high quality or not. How can you tell whether. But sometimes, they might not show you the complete picture. So, you’ll have to be completely sure before purchasing as the coat can also cost you a fortune.

White Rex Rabbit Caplet

rabbit fur

White Rex Rabbit Caplet

Image alt text: A woman dons a classy white text rabbit caplet, giving her an elegant look


Real fur coats can be pretty tricky to identify and they are expensive, which is why you should be vary. But if you have some trusted stores which sell you good quality fur coats, your life becomes easier. Most people would pay an extra amount for a fur coat and get it from their trusted stores rather than look at cheaper options. Because then they will have to check for its quality and that is too much of a hassle for them.

If you have a store that you trust, it is better to look there first. This way, you save yourself the difficulty of looking somewhere else and getting deceived. The price you will pay for the fur coat will totally worth it.