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Fur clothing, like a real fur coat, dates back to the first civilization of man. Animal fur served as a great protection to the challenging living conditions of early man. At first, it was a necessity, but then, it became a luxury. What can i do with my old fur coat (or a coat i inherited)?

According to a report made by Fur Commission USA, in 2019, the number of pelts produced was 2.70 million! And the total value of these pelts was $59.2 million. These numbers show how much the public loves wearing fur. Consequently, it isn’t unusual to think that you might inherit a fur coat from your mother or your grandmother. But the problem is that the coat is pretty outdated and not something you’d wear outside. What should you do? Inheriting a fur coat can be a treasure trove of potential—if you know how to unlock it.

Transform and Reimagine Your Fur

At Marc Kaufman Furs, we believe every fur coat holds a story, ready to be retold in a new, fashionable way. Whether you’re looking to update the style to match current trends or repurpose your fur into something entirely new, our expert furriers are at your service.

Let’s dive into the myriad of possibilities for breathing new life into your vintage fur, ensuring it continues to dazzle for years to come.
Blackglama Mink Coat Chinchilla Cross Cut Shawl Collar

Blackglama Mink Coat Chinchilla Cross Cut Shawl Collar

Restyle Your Heritage

If you are someone who fancies a fur coat yourself, you can restyle the old fur coat so that it fits the fashion standards of today. Expert furriers have the skill to turn your old fur coat into a new one. They will take the coat apart and restyle it however you want. However, there may be some limitations to how they can restyle it depending on the size and condition of the fur.

Diversify with Accessories

Not everyone desires a full fur coat. For a more subtle touch of luxury, consider converting your fur into chic accessories. From elegant fur headbands, sophisticated handbags, to cozy gloves and hats, the possibilities are endless.

Unlocking New Values: Sell

If you feel your fur coat doesn’t have a place in your wardrobe, selling it can be a rewarding option. Marc Kaufman Furs welcomes the opportunity to assess and possibly purchase high-quality, pre-loved used furs. Alternatively, consider donating your fur to animal rescue centers, where it can provide comfort and warmth to animals in need.

Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim Hood

Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim Hood

Donate it

If you are feeling generous, then you can choose to donate the coat to animal rescue centers or animal rehabilitation centers. These centers make bedding and blankets out of your coats so that the animals can have a better environment and can sleep warm at night. Therefore, you can contact your nearest shelter and ask them if they need any donations at the moment.

Practical Elegance: Wear It for Warmth or Redesign

Your vintage fur coat is a bastion of warmth on chilly winter days. Embrace its original purpose without compromise to style or consider altering it into a contemporary design that suits your daily life. Whether it’s refashioning it into a trendy fur vest, incorporating fur accents into leather pieces, or even crafting luxurious fur earmuffs, Marc Kaufman Furs can tailor your needs seamlessly.

Make toys out of it

Children love teddy bears and fluffy stuffed animals. Don’t have a use for your fur coat? Make a teddy bear out of it or a stuffed animal toy. Your kids will love the softness of the toy, and we promise that it’ll be their favorite toy to sleep with every night.

Rex Rabbit Diagonal Jacket

Rex Rabbit Diagonal Jacket

How to style your redesigned fur coat?

Discover the full potential of your vintage or inherited fur coat with Marc Kaufman Furs. Our expertise in fur restyling, combined with our comprehensive fur storage and cleaning services, ensures your fur remains timeless, stylish, and preserved for generations. Visit our collection to explore more or bring your fur coat for a transformation that marries tradition with modern luxury.

Among all the options given above, the most popular one comes down to restyling or redesigning your fur coat. As the market for fur continues to grow, people want to keep up with the trends and style their fur coats. Therefore, when they come across their mother’s or grandmother’s fur coat, they get alterations according to their wishes and get a brand new fur coat. Thus, if you want to do the same, here we have compiled some styling tips and suggestions for you. Read on to see how to get your coat redesigned and style it!

Fur coat to a fur vest

You can have your fur coat designed into a vest to wear in more than one season. Pair it with a turtleneck, some jeans, and a pair of boots in winter to get the perfect winter look. On other days, when it’s not too cold, you can wear some jeans and sneakers with them and be good to go.

Rex Rabbit Diagonal Jacket

Plus Size Blue Iris Mink Vest Ranch Mink Trim

Combine fur and leather

If you like to wear leather more than fur, you can take your old leather coat and add some fur to add a little spice to it. You can add fur to the collars and cuffs of the coat. Moreover, adding it to the sleeves will give it a new dimension.

Rex Rabbit Diagonal Jacket

Multicolored Fox Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Fur earmuffs

Some winter days can be especially colder than others, and they call for more layers of covering. Moreover, ears can be pretty sensitive to the cold, and most people prefer to cover them when you step out of the house for errands during those days. Fur earmuffs are perfect for keeping your ears warm and not irritating them as well. You can have a few earmuffs made out of your old fur coat.

Rex Rabbit Diagonal Jacket

Emerald Green Fox Earmuffs

Fur jacket

Fur coats can be too much for some people, especially if they live in places where it doesn’t snow much. Thus, you may look odd walking around in a fur coat, and that’s why we have fur jackets for such places. A fur coat turned fur jacket is a great way of utilizing your fur coat. And the best part is, people don’t stare at you weirdly, questioning your fashion sense.

Horizontal Sky-Blue Fox Jacket

Horizontal Sky-Blue Fox Jacket

Fur shrug

What’s better than a fur jacket or fur collar? Fur shrugs! You can wear the simplest outfit and top it off with a fancy shrug. And that’s all it’ll take to look your best! Have your fur coat turned into a fur shrug or a couple of shrugs for that matter, and flaunt it all year round, depending on the type of shrug you’ve got designed!

Zuki Ivory Sheared Beaver Shrug

Zuki Ivory Sheared Beaver Shrug


Don’t let your old fur coat gather dust. Whether it’s revamping it for a new era, finding it a new home, or simply using it to stay warm, there’s a spectrum of possibilities waiting. Dive into the endless opportunities with Marc Kaufman Furs and let us help you craft your fur’s next chapter.

Interested in learning more about fur styling or care? Explore our blog or check out our latest style guides for inspiration. Discover a fur coat that speaks to your heart in the Marc Kaufman furs collection.