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How Does Faux Fur Compare To Real Fur Coats?


Fur coats are a fashionable item, and everyone adores these fluffy coats. With the advancement in technology, we see the making of fake fur today as well, known as faux fur. These faux furs look like real fur. Considering the advancement in technology, these faux fur coats may replace real fur coats. However, How does faux fur compare to real fur coats? if you look closely, there remains a clear difference.


There is so much technology can do, and one thing it can’t do is mimic mother nature down to the last bit. And so, the real fur still rules the markets. Did you know that faux fur is made of plastic? If you didn’t, then now you do. It is one of the reasons why so many people are against faux furs. Plastic is already such a huge problem for the environment, especially marine life. As researched and stated by International Union for Conservation of Nature, plastics consistently make up 80% of all marine debris studied.


On the other hand, many people do not prefer real fur as they believe animals are being killed unnecessarily to get it. So, you see that everybody has their own opinion and own preferences and, according to those preferences, some defend one and the rest defend the other. But here, we will not discuss which is right and which is wrong. Instead, we will talk about the differences between these two fur coats.


Difference between faux fur and real fur

The reason for telling this difference is also because some stores sell real fur coats under the pretense of them being faux fur coats. It is completely unethical, and it is a sort of fraud to their customers. People should be allowed to state their own opinions, and they deserve to be respected. So, this blog can be helpful for you to know how to identify whether a coat is made with real fur or faux fur. This way, you will not end up in a tricky situation of buying something you didn’t want to.


Leather layer or fabric layer

If the fur coat is real, then underneath the fur, you will feel a sturdy leather layer that is naturally present on the animal’s body. You can even perform a very simple test to know this. Just take a pin and push it into the coat. If it does not pierce through the layer easily, then it is the real fur.

Moreover, if it is faux fur, the fur will be attached to a fabric or a knitted layer that will be a little stretchy, unlike actual skin. Once again, conduct the  pin test. If the pin pushes through the layer easily, it is faux fur.



Purple Raccoon Vest 2309

Purple Raccoon Vest

Image alt text: A woman dons a purple vest made of raccoon fur


Colors and patterns

Real fur coats have distinct patterns and colors, and they cannot be mimicked. At the same time, since they will be natural fur colors, they are limited in shades. However, it is possible to dye them.

Faux coats come in multiple colors, but they cannot have the patterns and colors of all-natural fur coats. So, you will mostly find them ranging in various colors but not having natural animal print patterns.


Men's Full Length Canadian Lynx Coat


Canadian Lynx Coat

Image alt text: A man wears a Canadian lynx coat


Feel of the fur

The natural fur feels silky soft and smooth to the touch. Just like when you pet a cat or a dog, their fur is soft to the touch, and it easily parts when you run your fingers through it.

Faux fur feels a little thicker than real fur, and it can also feel a little sticky in hot and humid weather. Even the best-quality faux furs cannot recreate the feel of the natural fur, so you will definitely be able to tell the difference.



This Fashionable Black Shearling Pullover Jacket with a zipper

Black Shearling Pullover Jacket

Image alt text: A woman looks trendy as she dons a black shearling pullover jacket


Eco-friendly or harmful?

Real fur is a natural resource, and so, it is sustainable. It is a renewable resource. Moreover, the real fur industry follows the laws of the respective countries regarding hunting and trapping of animals to extract fur. Therefore, it is not illegal by any means. Due to wildlife management and the laws that they have set down, certain animals are hunted depending on the country.

However, faux fur is made from plastic. And it is not good for the environment as it causes pollution. It is also a non-renewable resource. Faux fur is not biodegradable, and it contributes to pollution. It is pertinent to mention here that plastic is a major cause of pollution. Not only it is the cause of marine life depleting, but it is also problematic on land and is hazardous to many animals.




Real fur is very breathable and provides proper warmth in harsh winters. It is the best insulator and doesn’t need more than two linings: one being the outer satin-type layer and the second being the inner wool or flannel material. As animals are naturally used to living in the wild, where they have to face winter storms and whatnot, their fur is just perfect for dealing with the harsh weather.

Faux fur is not breathable and does not provide enough warmth despite having more than one layer.


White Mink Fur Coat

White Mink Fur Coat

Image alt text: A woman wears an elegant white mink fur coat



Real fur is not that hard to maintain once you know what you’re doing. You can learn about fur maintenance from the store you are purchasing the coat from, and if done right, your coat can last a long time, and the furs won’t break easily.

Faux fur is easier to maintain. However, it is not as durable as real fur coats. If you maintain natural fur coats properly, they can last for generations.


Silver Fox Jacket Black Leather Inserts

Silver Fox Jacket Black Leather

Image alt text: A woman rocks a silver fox jacket with blue jeans


Price difference

Real fur can be found at prices ranging from $1,000 or more and is pretty expensive.

Meanwhile, faux furs are much cheaper compared to real fur. The price can go as low as $100 or sometimes even less.


Which fur coat is better?

We can’t say, for sure, which coat is better because everyone has their own preferences and views. Nonetheless, real fur coats are much more comfortable, beautiful, and durable. Some people prefer real fur coats as they are eco-friendly with unmatchable quality. On the other hand, people prefer faux fur coats as they believe that animal fur coats are a sign of animal cruelty, and so, they do not want to associate and support the industries and the companies that sell real fur coats.



In conclusion, there are numerous pros and cons of fur coats, whether real or fake. The debate will continue about the real fur and faux fur in the years to come, as fur coats are evergreen and will not get out of fashion. These coats will always be trendy in the winters, especially. So, it is entirely up to the person and their choice what they choose and what their reasoning behind that choice is.

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