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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Real Fur Coat

Fur coats can protect you against the cold winter winds and also make you look classy at the same time. Do you plan on buying a new real fur coat? The thought of wearing real fur can be exciting. However, buying the right product for yourself isn’t very simple. People make a lot of mistakes while buying fur coats. These mistakes cost a lot because real fur costs thousands of dollars. Now you wouldn’t want anyone to make you believe a fake fur coat is a real one and rip you off, right? The purpose of this blog is to make sure that doesn’t happen to you when you go to buy a new real fur coat. This guide will be useful for you even if you’re not buying fur for the first time. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when buying a real fur coat.

Top 3 Mistakes You Can Make             

  1. Buying Faux Fur Thinking It’s Real

There can be a lot of miss commitment when it comes to selling fur. People will try to pass off faux fur as real. However, identifying real fur can be fairly simple. Just by touching the fur, you can tell how smooth it is. The artificial manufacture of fur sometimes causes it to lose its smoothness. Also, the base of the fur can tell you if it’s real or not. You can check it by separating a few hairs. Real fur was previously attached to animal skin, so it has a leathery feel to it. The back of faux fur will have a texture similar to a textile.

Another way to test if the fur is real is to take a few hairs from it and burn it. You must observe the smell when you burn them. If it smells like burning plastic, then it’s a big no! If you want to know more about identifying real fur, click here to read our guide for buying real fur. Marc Kaufman is a reputable brand that is persistent in selling the best quality real fur coats and jackets to its customers.

  1. Buying Fur That Doesn’t Suit You

Once you’ve determined if the seller is selling real fur, you need to decide which type of pelt you want. Not all types of pelts suit everyone. So, don’t make the mistake of buying an expensive fur coat that doesn’t suit you. You’ll end up keeping it in your wardrobe and not wearing it ever. Here are the most common types of fur pelts:

Mink – It is the most widely available form of fur. The United States produces over 2 million pelts of mink each year. Mink fur is soft to touch and is an excellent insulating material, making mink coats the highest in demand.

Chinchilla – People prefer chinchilla fur for its vintage black and grey look. It has the highest hair density but is lightweight at the same time. Furriers can sew the fur in both vertical and horizontal directions. here are a few mistakes to avoid when buying a real fur coat. Both will give a stylish touch to your outfit.

Lynx – This precious white cat fur is astonishingly beautiful. It will make you look adorable for sure. Wearing lynx fur is the best way to look attractive, and it’s ideal for telling the world how fashionable you are.

Sable – Sable fur has a unique kind of smoothness to it. Unlike other types, it feels smooth to touch in any direction. This high-quality fur is glamorous and will boost your appearance to the next level. It is ideal for you if you want heads to turn in your direction and mouths to speak of you.

Fox – Fox fur is also another prevalent type of fur found all over the world. It is a must-have for fashion freaks. Choose this type of fur for your wardrobe if you want the most natural-looking fur.

So, how to make sure the fur coat suits you? First of all, go for fur shopping in broad daylight. Before buying the coat, wear it and check how it looks on you by looking in a full mirror. Turn around and look at yourself from all angles. Just doing this will give you a good idea if the coat suits you. You can always take a friend along for their valuable opinion.

Furthermore, the coat should also resonate with your personality. You can make sure by reading this article about choosing fur coats that fit with different personalities. If you’re buying a fur coat for a specific occasion, you can take help from this guide on how to wear fur on different occasions.

Full Length Ranch Mink Coat with Chinchilla Fur Tuxedo Trim Chinchilla Collar Cuffs

Full Length Ranch Mink Coat with Chinchilla Fur Tuxedo Trim

Image alt text: A woman wears a full-length ranch mink coat with chinchilla fur to get a stylish look

  1. Buying a Coat That is Made from Pieces of Fur

A fur coat can be made in two ways, from full skins or from pieces. Fur coats made from full skins are of higher quality than fur coats made of pieces. Coats made from full skins also cost more as it is made out of the fur from the back and belly of the animal. On the other hand, a pieced pelt fur coat is made from pieces of pelt from parts, like paws, and tails, sewn together. This stitching makes it asymmetrical because seams will be visible, and all the pieces may not be of the same shade. Hence, when you go to buy a real fur coat, try to get one that is made from a full skin.

Designer Demi Full Length Mink Coat

Designer Demi Full Length Mink Coat

Designer Demi Full Length Mink Coat

Image alt text: A woman dons a full-length mink coat over black boots for a trendy look

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the top mistakes that people can make when buying real fur coats, you can try your best to avoid them. Many people might tell you that using animals for their fur is unethical. Ask them, “Do you eat meat?” and in most cases, that’ll be the end of the discussion. It is a fact that nature has created animals for the consumption and use of humans. The fur industry has had its ups and downs, but fur coats have remained a fashionable choice for celebrities and those who wish to show their power and status. If you want to buy a new real fur coat, be sure to visit our website and check out our awesome fur products.