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The Worst Fur Storage Blunders – And How to Avoid Them!

Now that you are moving closer to the hot summers, the time to keep your gorgeous fur coats in storage has arrived. Of course, you all wish we could keep on wearing these beautiful coats all year round; alas, that is not the case. However, when keeping it away for a few months, your fur coat needs proper storage if you want it to stay fresh the entire time it is inside.

If these real fur coats are maintained well, they can last for decades. Indeed, it is important to prevent it from getting damaged or committing mistakes that could take the fur’s shine away. Therefore, we have put together a list of the worst fur storage blunders that many make and how to avoid them!

Blunder #1 – Not taking fur coat to a professional furrier

Because it eventually becomes too warm to wear fur, your beloved fur coats need some extra loving when you are thinking of keeping it in storage. Many people do not realize it, but you must take the coat to a professional furrier who can store it at an ideal temperature to preserve the coat’s natural shine and look.

Furthermore, a professional furrier can clean the coat before putting it in storage for you. Undoubtedly, a furrier can clean the coat thoroughly and make sure it is dry and ready to be put in storage. Many people do not realize there are certain steps one must take to get the fur coat ready for storage. However, you can avoid this mistake by taking your cherished fur to a furrier to ensure it stays in optimal condition while it is stored.

You must always remember, moisture and fur do not go well together. In particular, the dampness can cause serious damage to your fur coat. Hence, taking the fur coat to a professional furrier who can ensure its longevity during storage is vital!

Certainly, fur is an investment, one that Marc Kaufman Furs’ Storage can help you keep alive.

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cold Storage Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cold Storage Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Storage by Marc Kaufman Furs

Image alt text: Real fur coats stored in Marc Kaufman Furs’ storage

Blunder #2 – You keep your fur in a bag

One of the most commonly made blunders is keeping your fur coats packed inside a bag. Fur is like the hair on your scalp. For instance, you allow your hair breathing room to stay hydrated and fresh. Similarly, fur needs its space, and breathability is an important factor when it needs to go into storage.

Allow your fur its own space. Especially when getting it ready for storage, make sure to keep plastic wraps and bags away from the coat. Because you want your fur garment to maintain its good condition, you must not keep it in a  bag. However, you must make sure it does not get smashed against other garments in the closet.

In addition to letting it breathe, ensure you do not fold the fur and keep it stacked on a shelf. Instead, you should maintain the fur coat on a hanger, separate from your other garments. Indeed, if you lack proper storage space for your coat at home, look into our professional fur storage to sustain the fur’s beauty.

Avail Marc Kaufman’s Fur Cleaning and Storage for your fur garments

Avail Marc Kaufman’s Fur Cleaning and Storage for your fur garments

Image alt text: A worker cleans a fur coat before storing it at Marc Kaufman Furs

Blunder #3 – You keep mothballs near your fur coat

In spite of what someone might have told you, storing your fur garment near mothballs and damp areas is never a good idea. Because fur absorbs moisture and odor very quickly, the smell becomes hard to get rid of. Furthermore, keep your fur away from areas with smoke as it can damage your coat and removing the smell of smoke can be quite difficult.

Blunder #4 – You store your fur coat in a cedar closet

It is a very widespread misconception. It is advised to never keep your fur garments in a cedar closet. Let’s talk a bit about the misunderstandings people have about cedar closets.

Firstly, cedar tends to be a good wood to store regular clothes as it keeps the bugs away from your clothes with its smell. However, the smell of cedar is so overpowering that it does not go away. Like we have mentioned above, fur absorbs odors quite easily. Therefore, cedar closets make for terrible storage places for your fur. In addition to the smell, they also tend to remove the moisture in the air, resulting in dry fur.

Blunder #5 – You don’t choose a cool, dark place

Furs maintain their optimum quality when stored in a cool, dark place. Because heat tends to dry the fur garments, storing your fur coat in a humid place can lead to bald patches and other damages on your coat.


Fur garments are a luxury investment. Nobody wants to damage an investment that can go on to live for many years. We are sure your fur coat holds a lot of financial and sentimental value for you. Although we have explained above how you can take care of your fur at home, we recommend choosing a professional furrier to store your fur coats for you.

Marc Kaufman Furs can fulfill all your fur storage needs. Besides storing fur for you, we clean it beforehand to ensure the fur stays healthy throughout the time it is in storage. Furthermore, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering zero contact storage pick-up! So, you know we prioritize your health along with the furs!

No matter what kind of fur it is – chinchilla, mink, fox, rabbit, or sable – you can trust Marc Kaufman to provide your fur with the best storage. Visit our website to find out the prices and more information regarding Marc Kaufman Fur’s Storage system.

Now that we have listed the worst fur storage blunders, we hope you know how to avoid making them! To sum it up, fur storage needs to be dealt with extra care.