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Pack Fur Clothing

If you are a proud owner of a shearling coat, mink coat, or any other garment made of genuine fur, you probably know how important it is to maintain and store it properly. These are the most expensive pieces of clothing one can have in their possession, so it makes sense that they deserve special attention. The same goes for moving your fur pieces from one place to another, so we will teach you how to properly pack fur clothing for transport.

Blue Iris Mink Coat Indigo Fox Fronts

Blue Iris Mink Coat Indigo Fox Fronts

Maintenance of your fur pieces

There is not a single piece of clothing that deserves more attention than a garment made of fur. You cannot just leave these delicate, natural materials in your closet for years and expect to find them in good condition after many seasons. They need care and maintenance. To start with, they need to be cleaned from time to time. You should have them professionally cleaned at the beginning and end of every season.

Do you need professionals for packing your items made of fur?

Fur has to be clean before transportation as well. Sweat and other types of dirt can damage your valuable pieces of clothing, so why risk it? If you are moving from one place to another, give yourself enough time to pack your clothes properly. You can get the necessary materials and do this by yourself or you can hire professionals to do it – the choice is all yours and it will depend on your budget, priorities and some other circumstances.

Fur Cleaning Experts Julio Cisneros Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Cleaning Experts Julio at Marc Kaufman Furs

If you cannot afford professional packing services for all of your clothes, that is fine. It will take a bit more of your time, but the result will probably be the same. However, pieces made of fur can suffer serious damage if not packed or transported properly. That is why you should really consider asking experienced packers and movers for help.

The packing supplies you should use

For the most precious pieces, make sure to get quality boxes and other packing supplies and you will never regret it. Even if you cannot afford help in terms of packing, you still do need good materials to work with. Here are the supplies you can use:

  • top quality cardboard boxes – the ones from your local supermarket simply won’t do since they can never be clean enough to use them to properly pack fur clothing for transport.

  • wardrobe boxes – these are great since they already have a wardrobe rod installed, so it is easier you transport clothes on hangers. There’s no need for both wardrobe boxes and standard ones, so only opt for one.

  • wardrobe bags – never be tempted to use plastic ones. Go for cotton or some other natural material.

  • hangers – preferably made of wood, so that they cannot get rusty. You will need one for each piece of clothing.

  • soft padding material – it has to be uncolored and acid-free in order to not damage the delicate fur.

  • crumpled paper – plain, white paper is a better choice for padding than newspapers since ink can cause discoloration.

  • tape, scissors, marker, labels – you need these items whenever you’re packing.

Packing methods

Now that you are sure that your valuable fur clothes are clean (and dry) and you have all the necessary supplies, you can start packing. There are a few methods you can opt for. Whichever you choose, be gentle and don’t press too hard on the fur.


This is one of the most economic ways to get your furs safely from one location to another.

  • Use crumpled paper to fill in the sleeves – that will help them keep their form during and after transport

  • Gently turn the shoulders inside out and fold the longer pieces of clothing in half lengthwise

  • Use soft padding material (or packing paper) to wrap the coat

  • Put it inside a clean box

  • Fill the rest of the box with some soft materials, crumpled paper or even packing peanuts

  • Close, seal, and mark the box – this is a very important step that people usually forget when packing by themselves. Just like all other professionals providing the same service, our friends from Movers 101 NYC need to know what’s inside the boxes they are relocating so that they handle the dedicates with the utmost care.

Wardrobe bags

Cotton bags are great for DIY moving methods. But, since they do not provide you with extra security, these bags should be used only for local moves and when you are sure they won’t be exposed to moisture and heat.

  • Hang your fur coat on a hanger and leave the hook sticking through the hole on top of the wardrobe bag

  • Carefully zip the bag and never put more than one garment in a single bag

Here’s a practical tip: You can even use cotton pillowcases or duvet covers instead of wardrobe bags. Just make sure they are clean and don’t have holes.

Wardrobe boxes

Since these boxes already have rods installed, you can simply hang your bagged fur clothing inside. Such boxes might be expensive, but if you are moving often, they might be a good investment.

Transporting conditions

Heat and humidity are fur’s greatest enemies. That is why these delicate clothes should be kept in storage facilities specially designed for fur protection, at least during summer. The same conditions should apply when transporting such items as well. Ask your moving or shipping company whether your valuables will be in a climate-controlled vehicle during transport and do not take no for an answer! Bear in mind that even a few hours are enough for mold or mildew to develop on the fur. Direct sunlight can harm it too, so don’t leave anything to chance.

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cold Storage Marc Kaufman Furs

Fur Coat Fur Accessory Cold Storage Marc Kaufman Furs

Now you know how to properly pack fur clothing for transport! Pick the right moving company and you’ll be sure to enjoy your favorite fur pieces long after you have relocated to your new home.

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