Shearlings, Leathers Knit Mink Fur Poncho NYC

Fabulous Cashmere Fox Trim Capes or Knit Mink Poncho. Designer Shearling Coats Custom Made

Knit Mink Ponchos Cashmere Cape Fox Trim

Great selection of knit mink ponchos, cashmere capes with fox trim in so many colors, you look, fabulous

This collection of knit furs is dressy or sporty.

Cashmere capes with fur trim are very versatile. Dress them up or dress them down; you will keep warm and incredibly stylish.

Since knit jackets are feather weight, but they are not ideal for extremely cold temperatures but rather perfect for more mild weather.  When you are wondering what to wear on that beautiful spring or fall day choose knit mink.

These designs are perfect for fall and spring and can even be worn on chilly summer evenings depending on your location.

The benefit of having a coat with a knit design is you are not confined to wearing it only on those extremely cold days.