M.C.Mack Red Fox Fur Jacket

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M.C.Mack Red Fox Jacket

Mack is known for his unique style in which the rhythms are ethereal and the rappers are emotional and true. However, Mack has been described as “a rapper with a unique style that is aimed at rap Gangsta” and has his own personal style, therefore, when his song is downloaded, the genre in the files is “Originals”, suggesting that his style is his own musical genre. Mack mixed different styles of rap in his songs, made music of dark tones-Horrorcore, as well as rap of futuristic influence; however, claims that all his songs are just a genre.[6]

Throughout the years of his musical career, Mack developed a large fan base, where he helped Underground hip hop to develop new styles and was selected as “one of the best underground artists”.[7]

In 2012, MC Mack was nominated for music awards at the Memphis Music Hall of Fame and won the “Best Solo Soloist” award.

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