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Mink Gold coat

Mink gold

Mink is gold..literally in this case. Marc Kaufman Furs in association with Nobline Switzerland have produced the first ever series of 24 karat gold infused mink fur coats. The designs are spectacular. Each gold mink coat is a one of a kind. They have just been released for retail sale globally.

mink gold coat

Mink  jacket Gold

Each gold mink designer fur coat retails at $195,000 dollars(US). The interest is huge amongst fur lovers and the celebrity elite. These coats were just covered by Japanese television at the Marc Kaufman Fur flagship store in New York City. The global gold mink  coat phenomenon has begun! Marc Kaufman Furs and Nobline Switzerland are on the cutting edge of remaking the mink coat as we now know it.

24 karat gold mink coat

24 Karat gold fur coat

The coat is real. The time is now for such an innovative design piece. Contact Marc Kaufman Furs at Marc Kaufman Furs Online, Marc Kaufman Furs Facebook, or Marc Kaufman Furs on Instagram. Join the Gold Fur revolution now!

Marc Kaufman Furs,212 w30th street, 10001, 212-563-3387

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