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Red carpet Fur coats

Fur coats on the red carpet

Fur coats red carpet are generally show stoppers. We revisit the image of Marilyn Monroe again to emphasize this point.High end fur coats are classic and elegant accoutrements that “finish” certain wardrobe selections. The best stylists in the business realize this point. The “wow” factor is hard to come by these days in entertainment. The presence of a coat on the red carpet, adorned by the right individual, can ratchet up the  glamour tempo.


lady Gaga wears fur coats on the red carpet

Magnificent fur on the red carpet

Lady Gaga,always the fashion rebel/icon has long held a reverence for the furs She has appeared on more than just one Hollywood carpet sporting a fox coat. Michael Kors fur coat brand has benefited exponentially from Gaga and her fur wearing ways on the red carpet and at various events.

Rihanna wears fur coats on red carpets

Fur coats on red carpets

Rihanna was the toast of the town at the Met gala recently. Her red carpet fur was simply spectacular(as seen in the image above). Rihanna cemented the import and significance of the red carpet in the most spectacular of ways. Such high end furs are obtainable at only the finest furriers. Marc Kaufman Furs is the premiere source of unique high end furs. Whether for the runway or the everyday walk of life, Marc Kaufman is the preferred choice for fur lovers. Feel free to review his vast selection of fur coats at Marc Kaufman NYC Let Marc Kaufman set you on your fur coat experience!

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