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Designer Fur Coats

Designer Fur Coats

Designer fur coats are all the rage. Some men and women crave the luxurious, warm, glamourous feel of the designer fur coat. There are many pretenders to the fur designer throne. Most fall short of such status. Fur design is like anything else, which requires a design facility. The designer must be talented and visionary and part technocrat to conceive and bring life to a creation. The fur trade has many furriers, but very few true design craftsperson’s. Marc Kaufman Furs is one of those very few.

Designer Fur Coats

Designer Coats

Marc Kaufman Furs Online is a treasure trove of designer fur aptitude. For those fashion lovers who seek the high end of the experience, Marc Kaufman Furs is your designer fur destination. This current season of winter has finally begun to beckon for the presence of the much-desired fashion statement.

Designer Fur Coats

Custom designed furs

Marc Kaufman  Facebook and Marc Kaufman Instagram are the social networking sites where you may preview more of the designer coat wonders conjured up by Marc Kaufman. Your next designer fur coat should be a Marc Kaufman original. Live life to the fullest. Let Marc Kaufman introduce you to an exciting fur experience!

Marc Kaufman Furs, 212 w30th street, New York,NY, 10001, 212-563-3387

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