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Best Luxury Gifts

Best Luxury gifts are quite the rage these days. In New York City, the range of luxury items boggles the senses. There is a never-ending procession of high-end items that litter the retail landscape during any given calendar year. If you are looking to acquire a luxury gift item for a friend or loved one, please review 5 of the most expensive luxury gifts in New York:

1. The Mercedes Benz C112 : (4 Million)

Luxury gifts ,New York

Mercedes c112
Best Luxury Gifts

Sometimes an old car also means an expensive car, like this one. It represents the most former most powerful Mercedes concept car on the market today with a high price of $4 million. The C112 Mercedes Benz Concept features a 6-liter V12 engine being able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

2. Diamond Dream Stiletto’s from Stuart Weitzman- ($500,000)


Luxury gifts, New York City

Best Luxury Gifts

This silver stilettos boast of high heels and 1,420 diamonds embedded in the shoes. The diamonds are set in platinum and weighs 30 carats. The pair made its debut during the 2007 Academy Awards, with actress Anika Noni modeling the shoes. www.stuartweitzman.com

3. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke ($75,000)

luxury gifts, new york

Luxury gifts

The Ultimate Bespoke suit is unquestionably the most luxurious and exquisitely crafted bespoke suit experience in the world, which is entirely hand sewn without a single machine stitch. Our most highly skilled tailors crafted; it shows the perfection of hand-craftsmanship, which has never been seen before in the fashion industry, which involves more than 320 hours. The most beautiful and exquisite hand craftsmanship available in the Ultimate Bespoke is possible for the price of $75,000 for which it has added in the list of most expensive men’s suits in the world 


4. Marc Kaufman Furs of New York : ($195,000)

luxury gifts, NY

Best Luxury gifts

Luxury Furs

We have been producing the following types of furs in 24 karat gold with our particular procedure since 2012. Mink, Sable, Swakara, Persian, and Chinchilla. The feel of the fur varies only slightly due to the finishing. Each year, we produce an average of 6-10 jackets or coats of gold fur. Every product is unique. We always have 3-4 gold fur jackets, usually in different sizes in stock and ready for delivery on demand for our clients. The cuts are light and modern. You can either order directly from one of our partners or us. Upon request, our furrier can take the allowance for your gold fur, regardless of their location, worldwide. We use 24 karat gold for most orders, but all other precious metals are also possible (platinum, ruthenium, palladium). You can also order your gold alloy and determine your gold hue. You can thus personally set another sign of uniqueness.

5. Atera : (Exclusive)

luxury gifts, ny

Best luxury gifts

The ever-changing 20-course menu that Matthew Lightner serves at his understated Tribeca restaurant, Atera, is seasonal and cerebral. Partaking in such thoughtfully presented food — maybe a scalloped razor clam with almond and garlic or perhaps sea urchin with squash and noodles — around a chic slate bar against the backdrop of a vertical garden will cost you $225. And it’s worth every penny.

77 Worth St., 212-226-1444, ateranyc.com


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